??? ROBLOX Adopt Me Pets Update (Part 2) (SNEAK PEEK) – Coming Soon ???

hey guys it's let's do this gaming back with another roblox Adame pets update video now I've managed to sneak myself into the test server so Shh let's be quiet and see what else has been updated here now as you see over here there's a pet update in nine days Wow so that makes it an evening about June the 15th so let's go and check this update out we click on this it says adopt your own cuddly kitten or fluffy puppy oh I think it should be fluffy kidding or cuddly puppy anyway very soon the biggest update in adopt me ever coming very soon would you like to preview the new pet shop before it's open well let's do this oh so we're just gonna find our way there do we have any vehicles oh yes yes we do let's do this in style people oh yeah drive in my car drive in the car where's it taking me okay nothing's changing here except there's a pet shop oh we already knew that so let's just try this cart yeah just be a sec Oh perfect alright so that looks like a great place to park my car and we'll go over here to the pet shop yeah that's right quick oh hang on a little thumbnail quick one for the thumbnail oh yeah that's gonna look great alright let's go back into this picture up and see what it's all about right so we're here yesterday and this has this has changed this is like a forcefield sucking in no it doesn't actually do anything to be honest what does Tom have to say about this Tom and this is ridiculous how could we get pets tell us Tom Tom hey there my pet shop opens Saturday June the 15th only issue is that there aren't any pets in a dummy Oh duh I think hang on let me just just give me a second just give me a second this case activities that flip emotions face bump oh you telling me you telling me Tom oh well anyway my time machine is on the left okay uh-oh is it your left on my left tom is that your left or my left so my left is over here your left is over here this is the time machine okay Tom okay it looks just like a picture though it looks like a picture with warp II stuff can I go in all right let's see let's see let's time travel now all right power up the time machine for 100 bucks it's all checking of course all right let's try this again time travel in five four three two one now whoa where are we oh wow this looks like the old adopt me well let's see I couldn't zoom out here wow this is what a dummy used to look like some of the old buildings here now I actually haven't been here for a while because I only started playing maybe four or five six months ago I can't remember now the Spencer okay anyway so this is all very new to me but apparently this is what a dot me used to look like and look at those buildings aren't they funny anyway we're looking for mr. Worthington who's this sir Worthington there he is and home boy Oh dog dog dog dog Doug the dog oh how cool oh cool let me pet him let me pet him Oh what are you Doug Doug do stuff do stuff jump jump sit sit jump sit jump rope back wolf wolf wolf wolf wolf move alright you don't do much all right sir Worthington what have you got for us good a lad so you want me to add a pick department by doing this you're changing the future you fir better or for worse are you sure you want me to do this oh okay so us would intend to build a pet department yes or no yes or no yes let's click a No somebody does too late I've already had too many ideas to turn back now construction starts immediately make sure to tell Tom let him know so he can prepare ok so it didn't really matter if I pissed let's try this again oh it's construction still well underway well I don't know what happens when you press yes but anyway thank you sir Whittington and this is one of the cute dogs let's see what he does mr. Letts woof woof woof oh oh it's not really selling it I'm not really selling the idea to me right now like okay I know it's cute it's cute it's cute doog doog the Doug Doug the dog how cute is that alright I better get back through this time machine before anything else happens hang on what's all this stuff maybe you can get through this other side it's all very pinky say we go for it it's like a force field it's like a force field in here all right whoa we got a glider guess what peeps we got a glider we're gonna glide out of here all we have to do is go right to the top and then go right over the top the force field and check it check it oh we are stuck anyway what we can check out the rest of the dummy world while we're here so that's like the carpark and that looks like a school or something up there that's pretty cool playground hasn't really changed much the ice-cream shop look the ice creams upside down is that the way it is now I don't think it is oh wow this is pretty cool and wow we've got looks like lots of car parks and stuff but we go back through the force field here we're getting a little bit too low all right so yeah there's a few buildings I recognize but lots that I don't so let's go back through this force field a handers let's have a bit of a chat to Tom oh oh oh all right here we go back through the force field time oh no I can't I can't I have to leave this here I think I'm gonna have to walk it all right back through the time machine it and we're back hey we're back Tom hey hey Tom we're back thank you for speaking with sirwoofington hmm now we wait hopefully pets will enter the world of adopt me soon in the meantime here's a very special Pittock as a token of my appreciation it will one day hatch into a beautiful pit Oh mmm it's a test server just settle down it's the test server well I've got an egg let's just go check it out cuz I did have some other no this is just the test server so this is what you get it's a pink egg it's a legendary so please be a dragon or a unicorn please so let me know what you think the alleged new egg will be will it be a dragon or unicorn or something completely different so let me know in the comments below here's a little special treat for you to give you some idea on some of the things that the pets can do so this is the red panda and apparently you can tell there's a sit and roll over and do a backflip how cool was that so the air pets are gonna have emotes – I'm wondering if you have to teach the pets how to do these tricks which would be well cool or whether they just come a pre tricked up anyway let me know in the comments below what you think your favorite Pitts trick will be and whether a unicorn will have some special ability or whether it just can roll over and a backflip as well okay guys so that's all I have time for today please subscribe and bye for now

31 thoughts on “??? ROBLOX Adopt Me Pets Update (Part 2) (SNEAK PEEK) – Coming Soon ???

  1. OK, Unicorn Pet has been confirmed and my feeling is we get the Pet Shop update this weekend, and everyone gets a free pink egg. Then pets hatch next weekend. (or something like that)

  2. I searched that game and i played it but it says you've been kicked out of the game how did u get in that server

  3. This is my dream come true!! I’ve always wanted to go back to the old Adopt Me!!!!!!!! I hope we can do this when the update is out!

  4. Omg then the update is coming on my 2 sisters birthday my baby sister's birthday is on june 15th and my older sister's birthday is on june 16th but they are having there party on the same day my baby sister is turning 4 and my older sister is turning 18 bye have a good day!❤❤

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