[Applause] hi everyone it's me Jesse B today I'm here to tell you about the new exciting update finally coming the pet countdown has finally started it is coming in seven days this is something any players that have been playing for a while I've been waiting for this since the beginning look at those cat eyes I know right I get so distracted easy so I'm already dressed up in my little kitty outfit got my kitty stuffed animal The Tao my ears like we're ready to go we're ready to check this out so let's click it adopt your own cuddly kitten or fluffy puppy the biggest update MCDOT me ever coming very soon would you like to preview the new pet shop before it opens well yeah all right run over my kids sorry everyone they know where to find me let's see if this works yeah we're see hopefully shows us what kind of pets are coming out I'm not sure if it will be alright so first off they finally have the pet shop finished there's no openings it's finally built let's check out the inside and of course we got the BFF in the house protect the clean sushi they're all everywhere all right so it looks like we have a little pet home the food and drinks yeah it kind of got me stuck okay we got some pink little dog bones some footballs to play fetch not sure if there's any really more going on looks like they're still building something but it's getting closer to being done so it looks like they need to just do a few more things by these boxes oh so I need to talk to Tom hey there my pest shop opens Saturday June 15th only issue is that there aren't any pets and adopt me I had an idea can you go back in time to before the nursery was built and tell mr. Wolfington that um arches to make sure the nursery has a pet department the time machine is on your right okay hmm so telling us to go to the time machine power up time machine for a hundred bucks man busy beating stop squeezing every penny out of us but yes no we're not trading time travel oh my goodness so this is how I wasn't even around for this time this is how the old adopt me used to look well it's like everything's in a different weird spot there he is but can I look at these houses real quick oh no I don't think so dine look how many houses are that grocery store still there the park looks about the same there's just houses around the neighborhood instead of in a neighborhood all right so let's go talk to him oh there's Doug the dog oh yes doggie pits sit down boy sit good boy all right time to talk to serve Wolfensohn good day lad so you want to add a pet department by doing this you're changing the future for better or for worse are you sure you want me to do this do we want him to do this like I know we do and I know it's gonna happen regardless but what happens if I was to hit now too late I've already had too many ideas that's coming back now construction starts immediately make sure to let Tom know so he can prepare oh my goodness so regardless I like I said it's gonna happen I know I'm is she recording say hi to you too all right so we have friends we have fans we have everybody okay so let's go back in that time machine and tell Tom come on we have to tell Tom before it's too late all right Tom we talked to him thank you for speaking with sirwoofington now we wait hopefully pets will enter the world of adopt me soon in the meantime here's a very special pet egg as a token of my appreciation it will one day hatch into beautiful pet oh my goodness so do I have to to one's pink and one is why oh my goodness this is amazing so my guess is they're both gonna obviously hatch into pets my guess is both the free ones maybe a free dog and cat and then maybe anything extra rare is gonna cost money or robux I'm not really sure I don't know because they are like legendary pet eggs up so I mean what if we do get like the best pet because we have these eggs I mean it's a total possibility so everybody's joining me now I let my server open to fans could join so we have a few here super exciting oh my goodness is gonna pop this pink cake again you know it's just very girly really awesome now I feel like I need a screen shot with this too got my family members here but who's excited what kind of pets do you think there's gonna be besides the ones we know about the ones I know about I'm gonna go ahead and put it on my thumbnail picture if you think there's anything else coming out let me know the one I really really really want is he unicorn I mean it's just adorable others I didn't put it in my thumbnail but there's these like a scary unicorn coming out on Halloween so be think pasta that on his Twitter account so I'm not sure if that's gonna cost money how that's gonna work robux we'll find out but that one's really awesome too so I'm gonna go ahead and you are cat I am a cat you know okay I'm gonna go ahead in this video everybody's gonna be swarming me so like subscribe and hit that Bell button if you want to see more just to be videos

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  1. Me:Imma go to my phone 😀
    Me Again:Omgggggg
    My sis:hahaha im ganna play first shhhhh
    Me:huh her?
    me again:Awwwwwww okay
    Me when 3:00:*me Eating :P*
    Ate:Richlyn You Can Play Now :D!
    Ate:yes you can play rblx
    Me when thunderstorm:AAAAAAAAAA
    Tita:*talks to sis*Ellyse of the Laptop.
    My sis:huh. Okay…
    Uhhhhhh thats All i can say. Btw im a Filipino 😀 Baiiii

  2. can you friend me username: kittemeow4 and when your done, join me in adopt me and can you plss pay me 4000 bux plsss im so broke

  3. Do u know Jenni simmer cause u do vedios at same times ur both amazing. And plz if u can add me I'm ilamy1 plz Jessi I play adopt me I have millionaire home like u I play bloxburg too plz ok??

  4. Wow jessi b i know bc im adopt me now the adopt me is now i dont know whats the name but iknow…|kyle angela| Guys add me on roblox my name is kylie:)if u add it i can know hehehe

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