????? Adopt Me Pets Update – What we already know? (SNEAK PEEK) ?????

hey guys it's let's do this gaming back with another roblox adopt me video and today I'm checking out the adopt me pets yeah I'm just doing a quick adopt me pets update because there's been a lot of information pushed out via Twitter and you might not be on top of it so let's go and see what's happening with the adopt me pets because they are coming really soon I'm thinking this weekend so if we go over to Abby thinks Twitter page we can see a few days ago bethink published this cute little video of a Labrador that he's holding and so we can see that the pits can actually be held and also they have little moving legs and and faces so that's pretty cool but in this particular video we did notice that there was an egg dispenser in the background remember those Easter eggs that we were collecting well that could be something in that too maybe you can buy those and then buy special accessories for your pets hmm who knows they're certainly not the eggs we got from Eggbert so there is that too so one of the common questions is what type of pets will there be in adopting pets well if we scroll through the comments we can see this comment from Sam who says I don't like dogs better be cats or dragons and 50 replies you won't be disappointed now we've also heard that maybe there's going to be a dragon and it could actually be a legendary so that would be cool so we obviously have different tiers of pets as well so that's something to keep in mind and a vein Australia says well there also be to adopt me rabbits well new 50 replies yes they're adorable so we can expect maybe a rabbit pet as well so then we got this little tease from bethink which is now showing the cat and the cat has abilities like being able to drink from a bowl and as you can see in the background there we also have like a little bed for the animals with a little ramp they can run up so that's pretty cool as well now the third reveal came from new fishie where he shows us a red panda and that can stand on its hind legs so that's pretty cute and I really like the red panda actually it's probably my favorite so far but I haven't seen all the Adamic pets yet so that's the adopt me pets about what's happening with the actual pet shop well in this picture it looks to be completed and if we have a look in the center of the adopting world we can see the nursery looks like it's changed and now next door we have another building which kind of looks like a school wouldn't you say and it's got a bone on top and I'm wondering if that's a way that we can train our pets so maybe their pets are having pet skills and learn to do more things over time so how cool would that be so this picture gets me thinking I wonder if there's anything being updated on the test server so let's go and have a look at the adopt me test server and see if we can find out a little bit more about these pets okay so this is the test server it looks like the nursery is as expected so there hasn't been updated yet but as we can see the pet shop looks like it has all walls so let's go inside and see what's inside this pet shop so here's the adopt new pet shop oh look at that we've got the climbing frame here so there's definitely some climbing oh look at that it's still under construction by the looks of it but we're getting close this is probably where you can see the pets so there's gonna be a little doggies house there and there's climbing branches I think that's maybe where the red panda might go we have a counter over here and it looks like oh yeah we've got a cash register so it's gonna cost something and we have as some bones and some balls and heap more boxes so there's still more coming very soon so that's a quick look inside of a pet shop so there's no indication on what type of animals is going to be but there's obviously gonna be a few different types here so that's a pretty cool update so far so guys are you pumped for the adopt me pits yeah it's gonna be well cool isn't it yeah I'm gonna really enjoy this but unfortunately I won't be getting early access like some of the other youtubers but that's a new fishie and be think decision so I'm gonna leave that with them in the meantime I want to keep building my adopting community so maybe one day I'll get some special privileges too and so you guys can help me out by liking and subscribing that's going to encourage me to play a little bit more adopt me anyway guys let me know what you think of the adopt me pets are you looking forward to them when do you think they'll come out I think they'll be coming out this weekend but I think what we'll see is there'll be a couple of youtubers that'll put out videos and then we should get in about a day or two after so there is that anyway guys so that's all I have time for today please subscribe and bye for now

37 thoughts on “????? Adopt Me Pets Update – What we already know? (SNEAK PEEK) ?????

  1. Why i have no update in adopt me?!?!??? It's fairy update now and when i go to play it's under construction????????

  2. I want unicorn ? pet because I love unicorns so much and I ready buy unicorn pet yay! (Who wants unicorn pet put like in ) ?-?

  3. Me while struggling the whole week waiting for the pets to be out.

  4. The pet store nursery is were u adopt a pet just my threory and the pet store is were u buy the needs of the pets as i say this is just my theory


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