? The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs – Gameplay | Let's play and breed kittens | We are pregnant! | Ep. 1

hey guys and welcome to this new small series where we gonna breed some kittens I just finished the let's read some donation puppy she can find out on my own channel of course I will link it in the description as well for you guys but now like I love dogs I honestly love dogs but I don't have time to walk them or anything like that but I I love I even more love cats like I have my cat mumble sitting next to me right now and he's always next to me on a chair when I'm playing some games and over here we have valine and faylene my my dad I lost a few years ago of a kidney disease that was her name and so I try to recreate her and but she was like a cross breed between rectal and a Maine Coon but she wasn't really big like do you expect with like a Maine Coon she was actually like really small and fake or fat I would say so that's really funny but yeah I tried to create her and over here we got car filled and I don't know why I just want I always wanted to have like a red male CAD so yes this is Garfield and actually I don't even remember what breed it is I read it last week I think he's a Behrman cat I think he is but you can't see that can you can you see that anywhere I don't think you could okay I have not seen this okay so we got over here Grandma and Grandpa Colin as I totally my puppy say Ares I made like a family with like a huge family tree because I don't know I just like to play with same as that already had like a big family where is that tree again over here so we got like a huge make family like Laura Colin we play with her with the dalmatian series and she's married to Lukas Richard and she has Julia as her Cade and she has a brother Matthew Colin and Deborah Colin and they all have kids lots of kids so yeah I just like to have like bigger families with already a tree but yeah what we're gonna do oh my gosh lien filling what are you doing okay so we need to try and okay first lecture her let's just lecture her first because it's not good I don't want my dad to be on any anything in the kitchen it's just it's just grows with the hairs like I love cats but no hair is on my my kitchen okay so let's see we just need to make sure they will get it's no no no no no not change outfit um okay how can we make sure they get babies I don't see the option play with laser porn let's just shake friendly more choices I don't see the option yet to mate so doc everything let's just oh that one is already filled so she got something to eat got to know she really looks like Philemon I miss her yeah that's a different story um I can't give it reads encouraged to mate with Garfield there we go he's beep it up I wanted to say he better isn't sleeping but he is okay let's just see if she's gonna wake him up let's just follow her okay good start good start let's see are you gonna meet with hard for you because I really really am curious how your little cute little kittens a little look like okay she gonna she's just going to do later box first okay let's just try and do this again encourage to me with doing good sleep don't go to sleep grandpa encouraged me with Garfield please okay he woke up he woke up okay that's good that's good good start okay let's just follow Faline okay here she goes is she is she go into car food encouraged to made okay let's see if we can get her pregnant oh this is terrible even from the counter you can't do that where is she going where's she going okay let's just try this again because it didn't work yet go to car Feud okay okay there is car food I follow her oh there dear there they go already go oh that is so cute okay that was it I guess so now we have to wait and see if she got pregnant I so much hope to get some kittens oh look at the head oh that's so cute with the little face oh I'm so curious if the kittens will do that too like my Faline when she was still alive she had some kind of toy as well with like a really long leash and she always got likes oh wow that she broke the leash all the time so I had to make another knot in it if I see you married but she always got so wild it was growling girl don't you touch my toy and and she always lay down like this exactly like this like like she had like the body of a rectal so they can have like really weird I don't know Precision's it's really really funny to see okay so we just have to wait no I guess can we they're all sleeping I remember I like my grandma is not leering anymore but she always fell asleep in his sofas well we're gonna like chair in front of the television she's expecting yes we're getting so kids and skies that's gonna be so awesome this is gonna be so excited oh this is gonna be amazing I love kittens I love cats oh I love them so much okay so we are getting kittens and I think we need some more food and I think okay we need to lay down some more of these that's because I don't want to get in the sukkah upstairs so we better just have some beds downstairs maybe we can just leave some down over here I have no idea how many oh we're expecting some kittens this is gonna be just gonna leave out all these beds like everywhere okay this probably is enough like maybe okay that one on that side I think I think this will work because we have enough we totally have enough so it's just a matter of time now like the dogs is like maybe 24 hours or something until they get labor so it's it's not gonna take that long and I'm just so super excited to see how those kittens will look okay how is grandma doing okay grandma is doing fine grandpa is still really tired so can you just go to bed instead the sofa probably I don't know I'm just super excited recognize so kittens again no not again we had puppies not kittens you see I'm just like growling right now that's just terrible okay um Garfield is an affectionate cat they like to follow their owners around the house oh that is what Faline always did as well I don't know I never had a car you you guys might know okay is he now seriously oh wait she's gone again I thought so we're like laying down on the sofa okay can you lecture okay like your bat compliment Allen tears oh she's not doing anything where is she why isn't she okay there she goes he doesn't like it you can't do that can you like almost all Pat's Garfield acai and GAD and explicity obsessed about things around the house keep an eye on your furry companions to discover their unique interests okay we will we will funny oh she doesn't like her let's just Pat an offer a friendship worthy oh he's mad now calm down calm down comfort – okay what does he do when you pick mind I was killed but it's not we need Hawks we need more hogs okay friendly get to know we don't have hugs as an option yet so much choice is friendly for a friend she play with laser point cats love play laser points can we play with saline as well just pick her up no not pick her up okay also with lilies are crying doesn't care for my god now what start for CD card okay let's see how Faline is doing that's so cute really lady mmm Gadson oh can we offer a friendship I don't know what it exactly means but that's okay and we're gonna pattern okay they just became friends so probably that was the thing we did mmm we can't really brush them or anything maybe not yet okay we can hug her oh there's the brush we don't need to go there oh it's a purple one now yes grabbing your own tail is like the best thing she's so good and pretty she's just really pretty okay oh I think you need to go and lay down there puppy not puppies kittens ain't going I'm so sorry guys hmm I just said too much of puppies I guess so we are getting kittens okay um let's just speed it up a little bit I just really wanted to see those kittens mm okay they are sleeping so let's just speed this up a little bit all the cats are sleeping as well so we just have to wait and see when she is getting hairy little kittens okay grandpa is awake and grandpa needs to go to it and it's pretty hungry so let's just make sure it's really nice did I just do that okay um have dinner maybe garden salad that sounds good and healthy okay that's good and you eat your nice healthy salad and Oh Garfield is awake what is Garfield up to where are you going I don't know there's like a mod I saw that you can control your pets and I'm just really curious if you guys tried it out and what do you guys think of it is it more fun to play when you can control your pets or is it just more fun wink the way it is right now I'm just really curious what your experience is with that so please let me know any comments if you have tried it or maybe you haven't tried it because of some kind of reason I don't know I never played seems forward with any mods so it's it's totally new for me so I'm just really curious what you guys think doesn't look very tasty like Tareen and you're gonna eat a Sala to have a garden salad it's like hospice aide yours they're already sleeping you're so old that's old is cute but we're gonna have some kid in so prepared ground pine grandma I just really hope it's gonna be soon oh look at her look at filling laying down I love how she is just sleeping that's like totally heard it's so funny well like okay honestly you guys firmly huh maybe cats or dogs too and you can just recognize some of the things of your cats or dogs in this game probably because it's just like I don't know they're just cats but it just feels so personal to say like yeah oh she totally looks like Mike I like my cat lost that all the time like most of the things all cats do but they still have their own like character like not every cat is the same but they have like their I don't know I don't know when you're looking through their eyes you see like that's your dad like it's their Charter and I don't know I don't know if you have cats or dogs I probably you know what I mean right really cool she would have been too fat to jump this high guys but damn you're pretty oh you're flying oh that's super weird I love I love her okay let's see what is the car I feel doing okay let's comfort Garfield offer friendship pets more choices let's give a treat O'Day just became friends awesome what is your problem why you're making that sounds it's just a tomato come on you can slice tomato it's not that hard oh yes disgusting put your finger is in the bowl I'll just you put it in your ears that's disgusting okay just in this oops okay how is Garfield doing let's play woods ELISA print let's see if he wants to play now where's Garfield he's going outside for a while probably eating some weird cat Garfield okay guys filling didn't got any kids yet but I'm pretty soon she will be very soon I'm so excited to see them I hope you guys are too let me know any comments what kind of names you would like to see I don't know there are so many awesome names like I had a cat called Luna I had a cat called charming and I got mumble of course valine we got a cat called AMI we got a cat called Lula there are so many names we can pick from and and you guys are probably some awesome names as well so let me know what Hana names for girls and boys you would like to see and I will make sure I pick some awesome names out of the comments thank you guys so much for watching and I'm really excited for the next episode hope you guys are too don't forget to subscribe and to like the video and leave your awesome names in the comments of course bye guys see you in the next episode

18 thoughts on “? The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs – Gameplay | Let's play and breed kittens | We are pregnant! | Ep. 1

  1. Ive been trying yo breed this pair for a hour the option isnt showing up i dont think they like eachother my female really wants to mate shes been just making hearts and im max friendship with her

    Do you recommend getting a diff male? I just really need a breeding pair

  2. Let's hope I can finally nearly a year later of getting this dlc breed some animals for the first time ever with the help of this video fingers crossed ??

  3. I love this and and just saw it because I got the add on today and I wanted to see if they can have kittens and puppies. You awesome and a great YouTube.

  4. I wonder if there is a cheat or mod to make this process easier.

    It took me a few sim weeks of trying, just to have my cat not get rejected by the male cat I made for her…she still isn't pregnant.

    I just want some kittens T_T

  5. I tried the controllable pet mod and I wouldn't recommend, honestly its more fun to see them being themselves and interacting with them that way; it just makes them that much more like our own pets ? Also great video as always, as a cat person seeing the cats being themselves is just plain adorable! Also I love the name Faline (feline? I didn't see how the name was spelled ?). I would love to see one of the kittens named after one of my cats if you like any of the names: Jujubee, Nettle, Honey, Peaches, Bee or Dora!

  6. Grrrrrrrr, the subsciber count makes me mad, DeLadysigner, you deserve 10 million subscribers, I love you so much!

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