??Singapore Life | Jurong Bird Park ❤

Nature parks the nature conservation parks here in Singapore And now I’m gonna go hike up to one of the observatories Fellowshipping with birds… I prefer bird parks or nature parks far much more than Oh where do I go? Oh there is my husband Far much more than amusement parks or theme parks, yeah~ Can you talk? Hello? Are you a talking parrot? They say that not all parrots are the talking kind And there was one parrot named “Amigo” He could speak in … he could say the numbers and sing in Chinese, Malay, and English But apparently he is one in a million…
Not all birds are able to sing in different languages This is a completely manmade waterfall On the top you’ll see a net Apparently this is the largest aviary, I guess it means a bird sanctuary of some sort, in the world There is a net there to keep the birds from flying out So when you walk in there is
netting you have to go through so that the birds don’t fall out, I mean fly out

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