한 마을에서 연쇄로 일어나고 있는 사건 ㅣ Unexpected Identity Of Dogs Who Made A Kid Cry

In this world there’re lines one mustn’t cross Look at here, they’re all dead now! My precious babies who have become cold carcasses.. The first incident occurred in spring Began with chickens.. Rabbits And even a cat It’s happened 3 times in our farm so about 12 (died) I think it’s the 5th time.. The 5th time? Yes.. Then almost over 100 of them have died? Yes What’s more chilling is that Doesn’t eat them, just kills them all.. Just stops at killing them And leaves the carcasses? Came all the way here and smashed the wall There’s a weasel, weasels are crazy about eating chickens A wildcat or.. A raccoon, raccoon! Perhaps a person fed them drugs and killed them (If there was hunting then) the carcasses should be gone but they remain so Woof Woof! Woof! Woof! would you guys know something by chance.. Acting cute Where did you come from Uncle? The broadcasting station? (They don’t seem to know anything) Hoping the culprits appear again at the scene of the crime Withdraw A few days later PD / Hello? Ah, yes yes here now.. something maybe came, it killed all the chickens so I think you will need to come here? The horrific crime that happened again Shock Fear (So surprised..) He had chickens hatch too.. Don’t cry I feel hurt like my heart’s torn right now.. I kept hiding and hiding it from them I’m just telling him today I do hate (the culprit)..ㅠㅠ That night What could it be that they saw Kwang Kwang The chickens have begun to become agitated Uh? the dog came in! The appearance of someone who seems familiar Is this right now by chance.. you?
Sunday morning TV Animal Farm

100 thoughts on “한 마을에서 연쇄로 일어나고 있는 사건 ㅣ Unexpected Identity Of Dogs Who Made A Kid Cry

  1. 와 우리집에 닭장에도 귀하다는 청계를 다섯마리 넣어놨는데, 다죽어있고 먹지도 않은거에요.그런데 알고보니 옆 집에서 기르는 백구가 다 죽여… 아부지가 한숨을 푹푹쉬던게 기억나네요

  2. 에고.. 너무 심하네
    주인분이 애지중지 키웠을 동물을…범인이 야생동물인줄 알았는데….바로 가까이 있었어??
    속상하네요 증말~

  3. 저렇게 시체 남기면 100% 진돗개들임 얘넨 옛날에 제주도 들개화 문제로 다큐같은데 나온적있는데 배가 불러도 심심하면 동물 물어죽인다고함

  4. 아이고ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 닭들은 얼마나 공포스러웠을까 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 주인도 답답허고 근데 범인이 누군데윰!!! ㅠㅠㅠ

  5. 개의 귀가 영구적으로 쉽게 펴지거나 쉽게 접히는 구조는 절대 아닙니다.
    물론 진돗개의 경우에는 강아지가 귀가 접혀 있다가 성장하면서 귀가 펴지는 경우는 많지만 반대로 귀가 펴져 있다가 귀가 접히는 경우는 극히 드물어요.

    따라서 썸네일에 나오는 귀접힌 누렁이와 영상 끝부분에 나오는 닭 물고 있는 개는 서로 다른 개라고 판단됩니다.

  6. If the dog is the real culprit, definitely we need to cage them for the safety of other animals around! Breaking into somebody's property is unlawful anyway.

  7. 귀가 바짝 서있는데..주인분도 속상하겠습니다..
    촌이라고 큰개들 함부러 풀거나하면 정말 위험하니 좋은결과 내일 기다릴께요ㅠㅠ

  8. 싀발 페북에서 타고 왔는데 페북에 사진몇장 올려놓은거나

    이 영상이나 다른게 뭐냐? 해답 나온줄알았드만 또 똥싸다 만 찝찝하게 끝내네

  9. WTH… Chupacabras???… En Korea???
    Pobres gallinitas, que horror, también me preocupa el perrin, ojalá lo puedan educar y no le hagan daño tampoco, él no tiene la culpa… ???

  10. I dont think its same dog Brown. That other who killed the chickens look like wolf more. But we will watch second part to know better.

  11. 헉 ㅠ ㅠ 정말 처참한현장이네요 에구 불쌍해라 근데 누렁이는 아닌듯 귀가 접힘

  12. It’s hard for to stop a dog from killing chickens once they get the taste for it. We had this problem on our farm and the only way to stop it is to have your dogs accounted for and disciplined when they act on it. It’s not unheard of farmers shooting dogs that kill their livestock. The dogs running free together In neighborhoods act like unruly gangs. The owners should gather their pets, apologize, and pay for the damages. Otherwise their pets may end up dead Or sent away due to their careless owners

  13. The dogs live on the street why dont help he has hungry and water warm place and this Land Cry for chicks???? Really ????? Cry for dogs and cats do you eat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Those two dogs cannot be the same. The brown dog has floppy ears and the other is pointy. I can't wait for the next one.

  15. Pues sí las Matas porque no las dan de comer si le dieran de comer a los animales no matan las gallinas mensos del den de comer a los animales y no se comen sus gallinas y protejan bien su animales también

  16. 무섭다. 사람으로 치면 동물계 연쇄살인마인거잖아. 배고파서 잡아 먹는것도 아니고 죽이기만 한다는건… 뭐 때문일까…

  17. If that’s a dog or any kind I hope they not gonna punish it???I feel sorry for all who died too o think they need to secure the chicken’s cage so the dog cannot enter??????

  18. Umm….Different ears.

    –>You could have been guarding chickens and scared the killer away. 🙁 Unnecessary deaths

  19. 백구였든 황구였든 4마리 모두 안락사 시켜야 한다 너무 잔인한 습법 과정에 의해 너무나 큰 희생을 키웠다

  20. Que desgracia que sean los pobres perritos…. porfavor ayuden para que ellos no estén cazando a las pobre gallinitas , conejitos y gatitos …se hicieron agresivos por alguna razón … compassion ???

  21. 죽은 목숨이네 이제… 잡혀가면 안락사고 안잡히면 동네사람들 덫에 걸려서 죽을때까지 구타겠지

  22. 1:29 이 와중에 한결같이 해맑은 시골 댕댕이들……..은 속았지? (다음편 기다리는 중)

  23. 결론은 인간이 버린 개들이 다른 인간의 생활에 피해를 주는거네.. 재개발을 떠나서 생명 거둘려면 제대로 거둬라 떠나기만 한다고 해서 끝나는게 아니다

  24. 우리개도 재미로 닭죽여서 엄청 물어주고 사죄하고 다녔는데 따끔하게 혼낸뒤론 안그럽니다 ㅠ

  25. 이거 봤는데 저 애들 짓은 아니구ㅠㅠ 흰 들개 4마리 무리 짓이예요ㅠㅠ 근처에 재개발하면서 마을하나를 통 없앴는데 그때 버리고 간 애들이 들개로 변했다구

  26. 진범 들개 백구 갱들 진짜 소름돋던데 쟤들은 까딱하다가 사람도 공격할듯..근데 결국 구조 못해서 더 안타까움 워낙 사고친게 많아서 사살당할거 같던데 근데 누렁이 인상 너무 구수ㅋㅋ귀엽다

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