푸유일상#6 29살 교복입고 롯데월드 가다~^0^)/ 즉석떡볶이+도제유부초밥+고추찜닭+편의점음식+역대급 길이..일주일시니VLOG (ENG,JP SUB)

wow so unique Hello guys! I go to this school We will go to the Lotte World with a uniform on What did you say? oh the weather’s perfect. not cold at all I think your hair will soon be longer than mine -he’s hair is as long as yours now
-what? no mine is longer Doje fried tofu sushi looks good besides the salmon I love eating the whole thing in one bite Go in go in! How did you guys become friends? you guys have a different uniform We had a fight a few days ago…and…hmmm… I will be nicer to you lol Greedy steak + egg sushi is good! I paid 24000won (50% off cuz of my credit card)
Sangmok paid 26000won (cuz of uniform discount) We are here! There are so many people here kinda worried… not sure if we can ride anything The line for French Revolution was…. wow so long we have to wait like 30 min It says 1 hour It said 70min but we only waited for 40 Lotte World~ Get a raccoon! lol -fun?
-I had a headache Joohan yelled so much okay I can’t Is that fun? That? hmmm…. it ends when you feel scared (looking very excited) I love this ride so much! so fun! It gets cold when it goes high up but it’s still fun I wanna see Hyomin’s face lol she looks scared I don’t feel like falling As soon as I said that I could really feel me falling We forced hard to ride… You need to sit at the very back for Hyesung Teukgup I want to take pics but the line is too long I really wanted to take pics there You must eat churros and sausages at Lotte World Churros and ketchup are yummy together! Hello! Getting ready for the water splash Falling? We are CSI had so much fun Is this yours? Met Baradun Bada! Garosugil “Like Rabbits Salad” made of tomatoes and carrots. tasted… pretty weird makes me feel healthy tho How should I eat this? How should I start this? but my camera died here…sorry… Done! It was yummy oh this looks good. Did they say it’s hot? good? soboro powder with candied apples. warm and sweet! Guys… I got Macbook pro after hanging out with Bada Plz check out my card for the unboxing vid and that night Ryeori and Tori taught me how to use Mac Hongdae Bijuru Hello! -wow your hair looks really white
-no it got drained a lot -yeah it was really really white at first
-right now it kinda looks yellow -I didn’t come here to see Doberman
-sleeping? I came to see Doberman’s new family Rman wow so tiny so cute running cuz he’s excited oh wait he’s peeing he pees when he’s outside oh wow even that looks cute wow too little hey you need to pee here oh he’s not used to that so working after playing with Rman cute! stop? lol oh no he’s licking my neck what if I didn’t wash today I kinda felt like washing and maybe that’s cuz of you I usually don’t wash looks uncomfortable oh wow so cute… How big is this gonna be? But it’s Chihuahua so it can’t get too big licking? oh feeling itchy -he sleeps like that?
-oh rly? taking pics with Mac I like blockbuster Hyomin’s gonna tie my hair back It’s been a long time since someone tied my hair back for me -pretty?
-yea looks like Ariana Grande Thank you Next~ Hyomin did my hair! I always order delivery food when I visit Bijuru We ordered 3 bowls of rice but only got 1 fork? It’s fine I can eat with chopsticks wow looks soooo good I got the spicy jjimdak but I don’t want to tell you guys where I got this from… will tell you why later plz come asap looks sooo good the jjugumi was chewy and yummy oh wait this jjimdak tastes like tomatoes tastes weird -not like kimchi
-yeah like tomatoes what is this? It’s not bad but weird pepper oil + tomato sauce + chickens fusion yeah it tasted weird… I tried this before but it didn’t taste like this last time It’s always like that It’s supposed to taste like kimchi not tomatoes It’s cool how the jjimdak tastes like tomatoes I ate it cuz I was hungry ice cream after desserts Chodang soon tofu ice cream It’s like this Seoju ice cream + tofu unique how ice cream tastes like tofu If you let some air in your mouth then the flavor changes it’s like that soon tofu. it’s good cool choco pie! This is 2000won good? the marshmallow is different I rly like the middle part I ate way too much. We got really into this that we ate a lot The caramel flavor is rly good. plz go try it I love you Orion Choco pie watching him eating Rman loves my skirt so cute He’s your dog I’m being objective tho yea so cute -call him
-come over here Rman be healthy! oh he knows you Hongdae Sunday Seoul advertising this alc so big!! Jinri and Mingyu joined had so much fun ordering pizza at a pub is the best Trying to do the robot dance released my stress and had so much fun all night long! just picked some Jeju Haetnim gave me some oranges so big and sweet… was so happy Thank you Haetnim My hair used to be silver but now it’s yellow so I got this complementary colored shampoo This gets rid of the yellowness in my hair Met Doyoon and Hwakyung I think it’s my first time filming with you yeah right. It’s my first time being in your vid Have I ever get featured in your vid? oh no when we did that Pig Life together That’s not our channels the screen looks cool I made many people buy this lol I used to use this I didn’t know. You never showed me -Is this intro?
-No it’s for my a week in my life vlog but it’s nice to say hi Introduce yourself plz shy I think Doyoon in Samdaejang channel and in Hwakyung’s channel are so different No I look the same No you’re not Doyoon in Hwakyung’s channel is too sweet Why did you attach this tape on here? cuz it got broken Buy one for her umm oh hmmm yeah! Get me a new one I can tell that he’s a Youtuber because when you talk to him, he responds by looking at the camera not you wow looks good plz zoom in (This can be bought from restaurants only) There’s not much in here – he’s making a joke cuz those two sentences look similar to each other This plate is from Poland not accurate your hand is bothering me Polish plates There’re not many people who can notice that yeah I know so cool #Yeonnamdong Yeonnam Chihyang We had to wait for 20 min to get a seat Bon appetit! talking about my saju (I destined to live abroad) Doyoon and Sangmok don’t trust saju but Hwakyung and I trust a little bit Did the saju person ever been to abroad before? Tell her to choose where you should go then You guys are the same I really like the risotto! which place is 1 min away from here? -It’s a clothing store
-oh yeah I love looking at clothes -Where is it?
-We have to go out and turn right The shop that Doyoon goes often is called Woodman I lost my jacket -Chance Chance?
-yea -why?
-It’s at home huh? idk You lost it but it’s at your place? then that means you didn’t lose it idk how to phrase it sorry what the… -you guys are similar
-no where’s the mirror? I get why Doyoon loves this place Isn’t this look pretty? I like it how much is it? 320000won? well expensive I don’t like this that much cute hat My hair is so messy I’m gonna leave with this on very quietly No you’ll be caught They can def tell I think these will look pretty on girls I think they will touch the ground No no I like this white You’re persuading me to buy this no I’m just saying Look at her hair He doesn’t look happy -you want me to try it? hold this for a sec -No no I don’t want to
-I’m just gonna see looks like a sleeping bag sleeping bag? no way Get a blanket Taking photos in the subway You can find this photobooth easily in subway stations choose a background and pay $5 a bit difficult ot film looks pretty good retro vibes -There’re no scissors here
-let’s do that later Doyoon gave me gifts! There’re so many This is an eraser that you can erase all the bad things that will happen to you in 2020 limited edition? no you can get this at 10×10 There’s another one too Did you see this? I heard about this! so cute – a ring made by Hwakyung excited~ -you can get rid of the buckle in the middle
-yea right oh you know well -what?
-this buckle in the middle will fall off in a week I looked at your website you cannot return just becaue you don’t like it you researched a lot! love it so pretty!! This will fall off in a week so pretty! came to play some board games Doyoon telling me how to play this game You need to guess other people’s numbers what does Hwakyung have? 10? happy cuz i got it It was joker He’s shook too Don’t trust her He unconsciously placed the numbers oh that’s 11? stupid why did I do it? wait why why did I just move it? oh that’s 11? wow we made fun of him lol We also did Rumi Cube and it was so mcuh fun too Hongdae Rose Rotary club -3 hours?
-no we played for 2.5 hours fried octopus tteokbokki sweet tteokbokki fried veges and sweet potatoes the udon noodles tasted so nice with the tteokbokki it’s good. it’s my first time What made you to start YT? Did Doyoon tell you to? I wanted to do it and everyone was vlogging at that time so Did Doyoon help you a lot (she said yes) the udon noodles were so good Let’s order some fried rice after this tteokbokki fried rice is the best yeah so we had some fried rice after this They look so cute cute so good -you tried this before?
-you said you didn’t know fried rice was possible
-oh cuz it’s not on the menu you need to eat tteokbokki for fried rice The pork was free The pork is really good The pork is really nice It’s like egg fried rice. so goof why? did you stain your top? I don’t think I can remove this I think it’s cool how Sini remains calm even when this kind of thing happens. Some people would act so extra I mean I also really like clothes so I hate when something gets on them she’s like “okay I can wash this later. let’s eat first” Doyoon and Hwakyung talked about their Paris hotel and the story was so funny The buildings that are taller than 5 stories used to be use by servants back in the old time but now they remodled thems so some college students would use those The elevator goes up to 5th floor and then you need to use the stairs from there on the floors above the 5th floor were used by servants and also were used to store stuff but we didn’t have that background info so we decided to stay on the 6th floor just because it was cheap I understood how the rooms were small and everything but the bathroom smelled soooo bad but it’s not like the old bathroom, right? but I think the smell from the 1st~5th floors come all the way up to our floor It smelled soooo bad that the smell even woke me up in the middle of the night yeah I would be like “what is this?” in the middle of the night oh you could even see the smell lol also we had to use 2 towels for 3 days so we bought some blue towels from a drug store but the towels had too many seams so funny When we was done taking a shower, the blue seams were all over his body yeah so we just had to reuse those used hotel towels should have stayed at a more expensive hotel we closed the bathroom door for a while cuz it smelled so much but then the next day we opened it the smell was even more amazing we could not even wash yeah so we had to open a door while sleeping This was so funny even if we used shampoos and body washes, they could not get rid of the smell yeah so they struggled so much for 10 days… He used the cool eye drops and this happened -itchy
-no it’s not Did you also try it? You should do it too Why do we all have to do it? then why did i do it? -Why did you do it then?
-You said you would do it -You are not wearing contacts?
-ofc you did transplantation? His pupils are really big Your eyes looked like pig’s lol -what is that?
-okay I will stop here She still doesn’t get it cute okay so bare eyes? transplantation? okay then pig eyes? oh pig eyes are pig bar (korean ice cream) What…??? You get it? She can’t get it what are pig’s eyes? I’m a pig okay this is the end of the vid! thanks for watching til the end

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