태어나보니 형들이 다 강아지 l What?! My Brothers Are All Dogs?!

Hello, we are Heedewbokko! ‘Hee’ is for First Heerit ‘Dew’ is for
Second ‘Dewy’ ‘Bo’ is for
Third Bori ‘Kko’ is for
Fourth Kkomo And… I’m here too I’m the youngest in this family Bow 3 years old, Yeolmae
Feature : Son, not a daughter Yeolmae and Heedewbokko start their day running Why does it feel like Dewy is the only one playing with Yeolmae.. Play well How a 3-year-old expresses love Dewyyyy So lovey-dovey man Have you seen lovey-dovey brothers like this before? Dad : (Yeolmae) Got closer to Dewy first. Both rely on each other a lot He talked to Dewy first before he talked to mom and dad It’s kinda sad but what can we do about it, can’t tell him to do so.. Since Yeolmae was born Dewy especially took good care of Yeolmae Now they are bffs who stick to each other 24/7 When watching TV Yeolmae’s side is mine♡ Suddenly chu Pat with smol hands Who’s your fave among Heedewbokko? (Already chose) You likey Dewy the most? Yup! Dewyyyy~~ Yeolm ae is my fave too Mom prepares snacks Today’s snack distributer, Yeolmae Surrounded in an instant lol Imma eat one first.. Hesitant I wanna eat it.. Thinking, but give it to Dewy Who’s next? Dewy again lol An unfair serving makes Doggies desperate Share evenly~ Evenly? Yeolmae listens well Yummy? One for Heerit bro~ Don’t forget to give the fourth bro, Kkomo Meanwhile, Dewy lol Mom : Learn how to share while sharing food together Learned a lot from raising pet dogs Heedewbokko and Yeolmae get along well while sharing They have a special reason why they’ve become a family.. 10 years ago, as Dewy became a family Dewy was bron in the dog shelter I’ve always seen stray dogs being sick and dirty Thought it was their real life, but Realized that they’re just the same dog Dewy completely changed my opinion about stray dogs Getting to know Dewy The family could break the stereotype about stray dogs Since then, Bori who couldn’t find a family for long and disabled Kkomo who lost legs were taken from the shelter and became a part of the family Doggies are out to the roof of the house Excited, excited Yeolmae’s excited too? Bori’s having a blask with Dewy Yeolmae!! Upon seeing Yeolmae, goes straight Dewy can’t take eyes off Yeolmae The brothers having fun w/o a toy Are you having fun, Yeolmae? That was lit hehe Snores Heerit was snoring lol Doggies knocked down after having a blast But, Where’s Dewy? Dewy’s sleeping hard with Yeolmae The two are together when sleeping Perhaps they’re in dreamland together… Bro, Lez have fun together

100 thoughts on “태어나보니 형들이 다 강아지 l What?! My Brothers Are All Dogs?!

  1. 좀 아까 개새끼 말 안듣고 옆집 개 내가 갔는데 소리 지르고 물려고 하길래 발로 후려차니 깨갱 그러길래 왜 짖어 말 잘 들어야 개고 안들으면 개새끼 집에서 개 키우는 사람과 가족도 친적도 아닌게 다행 똑같은 강아지?목줄 안한 개는 패야돼

  2. 러블리 히듀보꼬열매? 곰돌?곰슈니?담비?
    유기견이란말은 그저 가족 손을 놓친아이들일뿐 틀릴거하나없어요 사랑스러운댕댕이들 모두건강하자~~~♡

  3. 사춘기딸을 위해 저도 유기견보호소에서입양했는데 아이가 학교다녀와서 좋아해요… 특히 외동은 강아지한마리키우는게정서적으로 진짜좋아요 진작 빨리입양할걸 후회중입니다…

  4. 좋은 부모에게서 사랑과 따뜻함을 일찍 배운 열매는 커서 특별하고 아름다운 큰 사람이 됩니다♡

  5. 아이도 강쥐들도 너무 사랑스럽네요.
    유기견을 거둬주신 부모님 아래서 자라니 좋은 인성을 갖춘 아이가 될것 같아요.

  6. Vidéo sooo cuteee, with dewy and cute little brother yeolma, and all the dogs is beautiful, thank you so much to this familly with big heart and HUMANITY

  7. 아이가 성장하는데 강아지들이 정서적으로 큰 도움이 되는거 같습니다..강아지는 사랑입니다..

  8. 부모님, 정말 대단하시네요^^ 존경스럽습니다~ 강아지도 귀하게 여기시는 그 맘 변치 말고 항상 건강하셔요~

  9. 어?히듀보꼬님이다!!담요아직도잘쓰고있어요^^좋은일하셔서 티비도 나오고 번창하시길!!^^

  10. I thought it was a little girl, but then (they says its a boy, I was like this ?) .please cut his hair like boys and don't make him to loses his truth identity

  11. 열매 너무 이뻐 여자애인줄 ㅎㅎ 보기 너무 좋아요~
    온 가족 모두 건강하고 웃음 가득 행복하세요~~

  12. 어우 펫튜븐데 열매가 젤귀네 어우 저 헬멧머리가 치명적이네 어우 강아지들 좀 비켜봐 댕댕이 말고 열매 좀 더 찍어주세요.

  13. 와~~ 열매랑 듀이의 케미… 이게 가장 이상적인 아이와 반려견의 관계인거같다. 정말 열매의 정서에도 듀이가 큰 도움을 주는듯 하다^^

  14. 멈머들도 이뿌고 애기도 이쁘고 어머님 정말 존경 받아 마땅한 분입니다ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 강아지들이랑 애기 다 행복해 보이네요❤ 앞으로도 계속 행복할 거 같아요?❤

  15. This family is very special. And when the gods and great creator sees this family. They will have everything. This is a beautiful kind loving respectful of mother nature and all she gives us. Health, wealth and happiness to them.

  16. 아이들이 음식있어도 덤비지 않고 기다려주는 모습이 참 보기좋아요? 아마 부모님이 잘 교육해주셨기 때문이겠죠?? 열매도 애기들도 항상 건강하게 잘 자라길 기도할게요 ????♥️♥️

  17. Dios bendiga a esa familia a esa niña por tanto amor a esos animaalitoscuanta emocion me produjo hasta las lagrimas desde Argentina ungran abrazo para la familia

  18. 안고자는거봐..너무이쁘다ㅜ듀이도 세상편하게 자네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ아오 귀여웤ㅋㅋㅋ열매야 지금처럼 쭉 이쁘게만 자라줘!!

  19. 부모는 자기의사표시로 얼굴을 가리고 아이는 얼굴을 그대로 노출하네. 의사표시능력이 없는 자라고 저렇게 하는것고 참 신기.

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