저희 고양이 전신 마취하다 죽을 뻔 했어요…

It’s Bonji’s yearly regular checkup day “Help me!!!” Hello! Bonji’s finally here! The crew was all waiting for Bongji to come lol ★Superstar Bongji★ Even Bongji can’t avoid the burrito roll Let’s become a warm burrito We’ll get an X-ray of his chest, examine his eyes, Look at the ultrasound and empty his bladder. Give him an IV and do teeth scaling. We’ll come back soon. Yeorum’s job is to comfort the humans Why are you making biscuits there? hehe Bongji came back after all the exams. Good boy! I heard you screaming a lot. He just needs to get his teeth scaled now. You’re getting IVs now. We need to stay still. “Daddy…” You’re just too strong. He needs to be put under for scaling. getting IVs for safe anesthesia (Feels bad 🙁 ) It’s ok. You need to stay still… What a strong cat! I don’t think anything will really hurt today but, just in case… Ah, sorry. His voice is so enchanting. LOL Did you happen to… train under the waterfalls or something? ok, we’ll stay like this for a bit. Ok. Waiting for him to wake up after scaling… Bongji’s the strongest cat ever It’s not a joke, right? lol Let’s go~ Oh god, so heavy. Oh my, oh my… No! You should move slowly. Slow, slow. Right, right. Slow, slow. Trying so hard to move… 🙁 You’re ripping that off already? Can you wait just 10 minutes? Soo, look at that, what do we do… Bongji… 🙁 Awww… 🙁 It’s been 30 minutes since he came home. And now he can walk straight. Hi~ spaced out What are you thinking about? He’s spaced out. Blank… Hey Bongji, He successfully ended his checkup today, and he is very healthy. He’s 8 years old but he doesn’t even have a tooth-absorbent lesion, and he got his entire body examined, and he’s just super healthy. Some people might have been worried when he wasn’t entirely awake, but that was for getting his teeth scaled. Scaling is just for keeping healthy teeth, and not a big problem at all. The anesthesia, that was the big one. This healthy Bongji had some serious issues that day. The anesthesia medicine he got that day was only supposed to last 15 minutes, but his breathing wasn’t coming back to normal afterwards. When it was supposed to come back… When I first heard that, I just went like Hm..? What does that mean? His breath not coming back..? It doesn’t really make sense, so I was just listening and not really understanding, but later on I realized it was actually a really big deal. Luckily, a professional anesthesiologist was there so he was able to take care of it right away. He had the antidote for the anesthesia medicine, so he administered the antidote right away, and his breath came back right afterwards. Hi? You came here? The anesthesiologist himself has been working in the field for a while, but apparently it was his first time using that antidote in years. He’s only heard that these cases exist, but it was his first time actually seeing a cat needing the antidote. Of course the vet took notes, but we need to remember the name of that anesthesia meds so if he needs to get put under again, or if we need to visit another vet, we can prepare for these kinds of situations. So the anesthesiologist explained, that keeping an antidote for any kind of anesthesia meds is always ideal. If the vet did not have that antidote on hand, we don’t know what would’ve happened to him. We go to the vet for shots now and then, and it’s already been a month since that happened, but he still holds his breathe every time he sees Bongji. He goes, “Do you know how shocked I was that day?” The vet explained that it’s just one of the unique cases. As you could see from the video earlier, Bongji had an especially hard time waking up from the anesthesia. compared to other cats… It took him 3 days to recover fully from it. We were also constantly making sure he’s fine, So it was some rough 3 days. Bongji just went to get checked up, And because he’s so healthy, he just needed the teeth scaling, but anesthesia!! This was the big problem. Putting a cat under is never a simple task, and it gives a lot of stress to the cat’s body, so there’s a lot of things to consider. It’s good to know these things can happen. I heard a lot of people put under their cats to get them groomed, but I think people should rethink if that is really a good choice… Anyhow, Bongji is very healthy, and he is very happy, even right now. All the cats besides Yoji are now getting into their later years, so they will get checked up every year from now on. See you in next video! Bye~ Bye~~~

100 thoughts on “저희 고양이 전신 마취하다 죽을 뻔 했어요…

  1. Glad to know Bonji is well. But that face it's like.. what did the vet gave me. I feel woozy. Get well soon Bonji. ????

  2. I'm very relieved Bongji is in good condition now! I lost my cat this year when he went under anesthesia for an abscess procedure. I got him home but he passed away within 24 hours. ANYTIME your pet goes under anesthesia they might not come back. It's no joke!

  3. 아이고 봉지야~~ 수고했어~~ 보는내내 나도 마음이 아팠단다.. 아무렴 건강하게 그리고 오랫동안 행복하게 살려면 관리를 해야돼~~ 암튼 잘 참아낸 우리 봉지~ 장하다!!!! ???????? 아~ 그리고 집사님들도 너무 수고하셨습니다 ~~~

  4. 영상 중반까지 분위기 너무 평온해서 대체 어디가 죽을 뻔…?.? 하고 있었는데 진짜로 큰일날 뻔 했네요.

  5. Anesthetics are truly frightening – and I'm just talking about using them on people. Trying to anesthetize such a small animal as a cat . . . That's on a completely different level of scary.

    Arguably even more scary than the patient not waking up, are the horror stories where the patient is not truly knocked out, and feels everything. At least human patients have some kind of chance, since they possess more of the tools for communicating that something is wrong. Cats, on the other hand, are a nightmare when it comes to noticing when they're in pain: they just don't show it.

    It can't be understated what a wonderful job those doctors did with your cat.

  6. 저도 키우던 노견 스케일링 하려고 마취했다가 그대로 여영 떠났던 일이 있었어요..
    그 이후로 저희 가족은 동물병원 불신이 너무 심해요ㅠㅠ그게 벌써 몇년 전인데도 아직도 죄책감에 시달려요…마취 꼭 해독제 있는지 체크하시고 진행하세요..

  7. Oh Mejoo, poor Bongji … I used to work at a veterinary clinic for many years, and it's SO hard when an animal is in trouble when you are trying to help … I am so relieved that Bongji made it; my heart goes out to you; how terrifying this must have been!!

  8. 김봉지씨 건강하거라ㅠㅠㅋ 순식간에 일어난일이라…깜짝놀랬어요ㅠㅠ고생했어 김봉지씨

  9. 저도 고양이를 키우기에 필연적으로 동물병원을 왔다갔다 해야하는데 이번에 봉지도 그렇고 예전에 수술하다가 약물과다투여해서 죽었다는 이야기를
    몇번씩 봐서 대려가기가 무섭네요. 사람병원처럼 응급상황때 모든 약물이 필수적으로 갖춰져있고 5-6명씩 의료진이 붙는것도 아니고..
    암튼 놀라셨을텐데 잘 해결돼서 다행이네요^^

  10. 제목보고 넘 놀래 들어왔어요. 다신 전신마취 안했으면 좋겠어요 ㅠㅠ 치아 스켈링 안하면 어때요.마취는 사람이나 동물이나 무서운 일이에요.봉지야 건강하게 오래 오래 살자.귀염둥이^^

  11. 저희도 마취 걱정 많이되서 스케일링 최대한 안 시키려고 매일매일 양치시켜줘요.
    힘들 때도 있고 귀찮을 때도 있지만 마취가 위험할 수도 있다는 생각에 매일 해주고 있습니다 🙂

  12. Bongji upon returning home: “I am spacey… KEVIN SPACEY.” *flop*
    Bongji after 30 minutes:
    “Now, I am Hyuji. I am favorite dumbo.”

  13. I know.. an english comment but honestly, I just really wanted to thank you for sharing this video with your viewers. When i saw bonji unable to get up, i couldn’t help but start to tear up??? even though i knew that you guys know how to take care of your cats but i was instantly worried…

    you guys are the best and ideal cat owners… thank you for taking care of bonji throughout that stressful moment. i knew that humans react to anesthia differently but i overlooked that cats could also react this way.

    i’m glad everything is fine and that this happened almost a month ago, that’s crazy! thank you for such an informative video mejoo♥️

  14. I follow them from Mexico, I love all your cats, but I especially love Bonji and I have been very worried about this video, please take good care of it, it really is so beautiful and special!

  15. Poor Bonji. He had me very worried after the vet visit because of his walking . Thank goodness he made it through

  16. My heart hurt to see him struggle getting around. I've had a fair amount of cats and over the years experienced many of them recovering from being put under for surgeries or tests, none of my cats were ever that severely impaired. Seeing my own cats be a bit wobbly and loopy was hard, but short term. Seeing bonji be so bad just outright scared me, especially hearing he wasn't 100% for days.

  17. 이집에서 아이언냥 봉즤킴씨가…. 마취약부작용때문에 숨이 안돌아왔다고 해서 가슴이 철렁했습니다…. 그래도 병원에서 초기처치를 빨리해주신덕에 봉지가 깨어나 다행이라 생각해요~
    p.s 그나저나… 원장선생님 어휘력 초이스가….ㅋㅋㅋㅋ????

  18. The title of this video scared me!!!Thank God Bongji is ok, I don’t know much about cats and never had them as pets, but I’ve been watching your videos from Singapore for a while now.. I really love all 4 of your cats. Anyway it might be anaesthesia that Bongji is allergic to? ??really very very glad he’s ok now.

  19. 제목에 엄청 놀랬네요.. 사람도 마취제 부작용 있는데.. 냥이한테도 있고 치명적이네요.. 선택을 잘 해야 하는거네요.. 봉지씨 건강하다니 좋네~~

  20. I follow at least 10 pet/animal related channels, yours is the only one I watch the entire video, every single time. I'm so happy you added the english subtitles, although I've watched some videos even before you added them 🙂 Much love for your happy family from Greece, I hope you all stay healthy for many years to come! <3

  21. 오.. 큰일날뻔했는데 정말 다행이에요
    앞으론 마취 해독제 구비하고있는 병원인지도 확인해봐야겠네요! 항상 좋은 정보 감사합니다!

  22. Attention l'anesthésie peut être fatale …..beaucoup d'animaux ne se réveillent pas .alors laissez les dents de Bonjy tranquilles. ..vous aurez pu le tuer. .

  23. Thank you for pointing out that people shouldn't put their cat under anesthesia for grooming! One of my friends lost her cat that way! it's a VERY serious topic but no one talks about unfortunately? I'm glad bonji is ok! ?

  24. It’s a shame to see experienced cat/pet owners immediately let their pets out of the carrier even while waking up under anesthesia. It’s not funny to see Bongji try to walk when he could’ve injured himself.
    If you had a Rottweiler… you wouldn’t let him wander around immediately after waking up- small animals should be no different.

  25. I am not connected to this cat at all but reading your description of him "not getting his breath back" has me crying. I dunno how you can explain what happened without even tearing up :'( So scary!

  26. 스케일링이 정말 간단하다고 생각하는 경우가 많은데 ㅠ 병원에서도 그렇게 설명을 하구요… 제가 그런사례였어요
    노견 스케일링마취..16살 노견을 자신있게 스케일링 시키는게 어떻겠냐 하셨던 병원원장이 있었는데
    그분이 잘못됐다는건 아니지만 나이가 많은것 빼곤 건강한 아이가 회복하는 과정에서 하루 반나절을 마취에서 완벽하게 깨질 못했고.. 스케일링 스트레스로 일주일 내내 혈변을 보았어요ㅠ 당일엔 구토도 엄청했구요ㅠ 일년 후 갑작스레무지개다리를 건너게 됐지만요..(스케일링때문은 아니예요)
    그치만 다시 돌아간다면 절대…. 안시킬거예요ㅠㅠ
    스케일링 후 치아관리가 더 중요하다고 들었어요
    먼봉요휴 정말 건강했으면 좋겠어요!!

  27. 김봉디 당신은 건강한게 제일 잘어울려. 아시겠어요 ?? 마취때문이라도 아픈모습 보이지마 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 비틀거리는 모습에 충격

  28. Ojalá q todo salga bien es mi gatito regalon.amo á los gatitos siameses pobrecito lloré de pena me acordé de mi gatito q murió ¿ Dios . Protegelo ? ?????

  29. 저희집 고양이도 마취제랑 안맞앗는지.. 병원에서 마취받고 돌아와서 3일만에 심장마비로 고양이별 갔어요… 여덟살이엿는데ㅠㅠㅠ 장모종이였고 병원 갈때는 굉장히 예민한 성격이라서 일년에 한번정도 미용할때 어쩔수 없이 전신마취를 하고 진행했는데 그동안 쓰던 약과 달랏던 것인지 아니면 여덜살이 되어 몸에 무리가 간 것인지는 모르겟지만 그전까지 아무 건강이상 없던 아이가 마취 받고 3일 지나서 떠났어요.. 고양이 키우시는 분들은 꼭 저처럼 슬픈 일 생기지 않도록 고양이 마취 되도록 삼가하시고.. 꼭 고양이 전문 병원에서 하시길 바래요..ㅠㅠ 봉지는 잘 나아서 다행이네요…

  30. After watching this, i just realized that many pet owner didn't know that anesthesia could be dangerous to animals. I know from watching vet shows on animal planet and natgeo that usually the vet didn't want to put the animals under anesthesia unless necessary like surgery and if the surgery conducted they didnt want to prolong it bcs the risk of anesthesia get higher the longer they're down. (they mostly show the extreme case tho, but still…)

    Thanks mejoo for sharing this experience with us. When i read the title, i get so concerned and sad. So relieved and glad bbongji is alright now

  31. 저희 냥냥이도 올 해 건강검진 하러 갔을 때
    스케일링 해야되는 상태라고 하셨었는데…
    나이가 11살이라 마취 위험성 때문에 권하기
    힘들다고 하셨어서 고민 많이하다
    안하기로 결정 했었거든요 정말 무서워요
    마취의 위험성에 대해 다른 냥냥 댕댕 보호자 분들께서 이 영상을 보고 꼭 한번 더 숙지하시기를!
    왠만하면 마취는 지양해야 한 다는것을?

    봉지야 건강해야해 회복 잘 해주어서 고마오❤️

  32. 제목보고 저도 철렁했네요…. 무사해서 다행이야 봉지야… 건강해서 저도 기분 좋네요
    앞으로도 무사히 건강히 지내줘 봉지야 ???

  33. I'm so glad Bongji is okay!! I lost my dog to an anaesthesia incident when he was going to get a routine teeth cleaning, and it was devastating. It's really scary when accidents like that come about, but I'm glad they were able to help him ❤

  34. 그래서 전신마취가 너무 무서워요 ㅠㅠ 14살 메케가 피부암 수술을 주기적으로 받아야하는데 수술보다 마취에 대한 두려움이 더 큽니다 ㅜㅜ 봉지가 잘 깨어나서 정말 다행이예요 ㅜㅜ

  35. Poor Bongji!

    My cat is a rare case kinda like Bongji, whenever he gets his vaccines they can't give all 3 at the same time – some how he gets a very severe allergic reaction(anaphylactic shock) and when he was a kitten we discovered this because he started acting kinda like Bongji getting out of the anesthesia – we had gone home and called the vet and they made us hurry back to give him the antidote and then he was better. It was so scary!!

  36. 제목 저런거 달아주지 마세요ㅜㅠ 가슴이철렁하고 덜덜 떨면서 보게 된단말예요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅜㅜㅜ

  37. 안녕하세요. 우선 이런 덧글을 남기게 되서 죄송합니다.
    많은 구독자님의 힘이 필요해서 이렇게 염치불구하고 덧글을 남기게 되었는데요.
    마석보호소가 민원으로 인해서 철거를 하게 되어서 국민청원에 올라갔는데 동의 참여율이 저조하네요.
    그리고 시온쉼터가 그린벨트로 인해서 철거해야 한다고 하는데 150마리 동물들 갈 곳이 없다 하네요.
    시온쉼터는 청원마감이 오늘 입니다. 동의 좀 부탁드립니다.
    마석 보호소 청원 : https://www1.president.go.kr/petitions/583939
    시옴쉼터 철거 반대 청원 : https://www1.president.go.kr/petitions/583581

  38. 병원 많이 가서 좋을거 하나도 없음 본인도 전신마취해서 좋을거라 생각하심? 본인도 싫다면 동물도 싫을건데 결국 자기만족을 위해 고양이를 자기 의사와 상관없이 다룬건 아님?

  39. 건강하다니 다행이네요ㅠㅠ
    마취 덜풀린 모습 보고 너무 놀랬어요ㅠㅠ
    어떤 마취제를 사용하는지 해독제는 있는지 꼭 꼭 확인해보고 병원에 방문해야겠네요
    좋은 정보 알려주셔서 감사해요!
    봉지야 메주님이랑 쁘지님이랑 건강하게 오래오래 행복하게 지내자?

  40. I mean if you think about it… humans being put under is dangerous too and the more times the more risky/life threatening it is right? So, I would expect it to be the same for animals as well. I think if possible to avoid being put under anaesthesia as much as possible.

  41. 봉지야ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 마취 덜 풀렸는데 걸으려 하는거 너무 맴찢… 오래오래 건강하자 꼭이야ㅠㅠㅠ

  42. 아이구 ㅠㅠ 요녀석 영상 보기전엔 또 얼마나 김봉지스러울까 싶었는데 영상보면서 내내 맴찢이네요 ;ㅁ; 그래도 어디 심각해서 마취한건 아니라서 다행이긴 하지만.. 부디 먼봉휴요 모두 심각한일로 전신마취 하는 일이 없기를..!

  43. 저희집 냥냥이도… 중성화때문에 마취했다가… 심정지와서 얼마나… 놀랐는지몰라요… 의사선생님의 덕분에 살아나서 지금까지 잘 지내고있지만… 지금도.. 그때 생각만하면…. 온 몸이 굳어질정도로… 충격적이여서… 지금 봉지의.. 영상을보며… 또 그때 생각이났네요… 매주님도 ㅠㅠ 놀라셨겠어요?

  44. Awwwhh it breaks my heart seeing lovely Bongji in sedation. T_T

    Get well soon Bongji! Btw, nice explanation, Hye joo. 🙂

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