음식물 쓰레기가 목숨만큼 중요했던 고양이.. 그런데 ㅣ For This Cat, Food Waste Is More Precious Than Her Life, Because

Home Alone peek Naturally crawls out.. creep Naturally heads toward.. (Step on a basket.) The beauty of clumsiness stare That’s your hind legs bro.. peeek so starving.. thump Shoot.. Hungry Dawn broke? Hurries On the way.. back to home..) Brrrr So pathetic..he.. The cat just came here, messed up like this, and looked for food. Wanted to eat whatever PD; Ouch, stinks Just wanna poop I had a good time It’s been more than 15 days. About 15 to 20 days I guess. Comes every day, and leaves a trace (endoscope camera) Too Luminous (I’m here) TUNA Is the light off? Am I alone? Showed up, showed up! Appeared? Appeared!
Where! Here here here Aite, it’s the chance to get her! (carefully) I can hear you well..? Not even a shame to lose the cat at all (I’m the cat, idiots) Vet : Pedigree cats do not usually live on the street, so it’s pretty hard for them to live outside. A pedigree cat? Am I? Scottish Straight Vet : This type of cat looks much more distinctive than any other native cats , so it’s easy to be bullied
Princess is always lonely.. By chance, the cat came to this place which is easy to hide, so settled down till now. But then, the place I settle down is.. Rite here.. Failed~ Vet : If the cat endured for abt 20 days, her nutritional status could be worse than being outside. rummage No food at all.. Blocking all holes to exit. As soon as the cat comes out..! Hide-out’s entry blocked All things are ready. If you come out.. Only you!! The door’s closed What? Wait.. omgwthigo Heave-ho Turn on the light I won’t be caught that easily! (She’s here!) You are like a rat in a hole Argh Caught! Caught! Feel dizzy. Suffocating.. and exhausted… You gon’ experience the new world Sniff OM.. This is HEAVEN♡ Vet : So different than before, huh~ So cute, but too pathetic.. Pitiful, pitiful.. Hope she goes back to a good family. Vet : She has only bone and skin! So, it means that she had been so long to sustain her life. she had been struggling so lone to sustain her life It tastes.. dang good.. As time goes by, She’ll be better soon if feels safe again. So much different~ I’m dying. I’m dying for reals The cat has lived happily in this vet clinic

100 thoughts on “음식물 쓰레기가 목숨만큼 중요했던 고양이.. 그런데 ㅣ For This Cat, Food Waste Is More Precious Than Her Life, Because

  1. 저희 집 먼지랑 너무 닮아서 마음이 아프네요 ㅠㅠ 우리 먼지는 외노자가족이 펫숍에서 아메숏을 입양해서 키우다가 신고당해서 강제송환당해가지고 길고양이가 된걸 저희가 데려온 거에요… 데려오기 전엔 저 애처럼 이리저리 많이 맞고 다녀서 ㅜㅜ ……… 먼지야 건강하자 꼬마야 너도 행복해야해🥺🥺🥺🥺

  2. 동물병원도 입양안되는 동물을 계속 데리고있진 않을것같은데
    혹시 시간지나면 안락사시키는건 아니죠?

  3. That poor cat looked quite dehydrated too. Thanks for helping, hope she will recover soon and goes to a loving home. She is such a sweetie.

  4. 2:56 – Malaysian knows this song 😂😂

    Semut Berkawad
    satu Satu
    Hora Horey!!!

    Semut Berkawad
    satu Satu
    Hora Horey!!!

    Semut Berkawad
    satu Satu
    Didi Kutip Gula Batu
    Dan Semua Berkawad
    Pulang Ke Busut
    Berjumpa Ratu Semut

    Boom Boom Boom Boom
    Boom Boom Boom Boom

    🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾 HORA HOREYYY 🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾

  5. 이 여수의사 또나왓네..기적이한테 악담하고 등쳐먹은 수의사..
    이중얼굴의 저 수의사 진정 동물농장에 안나왓음 좋겟다…진짜 보기싫다…

  6. She's so cute and clumsy 😂 when she scared when her leg tripped and when her legs dangling in the air because she stuck 😂😂😂 I hope she lives well~

  7. 사고로 새끼 잃은 어미에게 어미 잃은 새끼 이어주신 그 수의사 선생님이시네요 ㅠㅠ 복받으세요

  8. 가죽에 뼈가 붙어있는 상황만큼 말라있었는 상태라 걱정을 많이했는데 수의사 선생님께 입양이라니 정말 좋은 소식이네요

  9. 있는거알면 모라도 내놓고가지 그것도 대형고깃집에서 야박도하다ㅡㅡ
    내가보기엔 고양이가 귀찮아선 데리고가라고 신청한거티나네 에휴 인간인게 창피한쥴아슈

  10. 고양이가 먹을거 없어서 숨어들어서 뒤적거리는 걸. 웃긴듯이 비하하며 자막넣고 효과음 처리하고 .. 지도 쓰레기를 먹어봐야 정신차리지.

  11. 진짜 반려동물을 죽을때 까지
    지키지 못할꺼면 키우지 말라던데…
    1~2년 키우다…버리고..
    진짜 그럼안된다…
    천벌 받는다…

  12. 고양이 잡자마자 캣잎 주는 거 처음봐요 ㅎㅎ 이불에 싸인 모습이 엄마찾은 애기 느낌 그때 의사샘이 사랑에 빠지셨나..

  13. 어떻게 지내는지 모든 영상이 결과까지 이렇게 보면 좋을텐데 아쉽네요 영상감사히 봤습니다 노고가 많으십니다 ㅜㅜ

  14. Darcy is planning on a new line of canned dog food with dog wienies in it. Also doggy-o's with spagetti pasta. She is famous as Chef CAT-R-D just like the famous Chef BoyRd . RD stands for "remove dogs" for American dogs and Real Dog for Chinese line of dog food. As dogs are violent in America she hopes to eventually develop American palate to be as discriminating and fine as Chinese palate is for tasty safe healthy dog meat. The safer way to have dog.We handle dog violence at our factory. DarcyRD canned Doggie-O's.

  15. Joy tells me its nice to have entrepreneur in family although this cat is hoing to have to start making sales. Darcy developing new "keeps flu away" dog food recipe. Looking for dogs to donate to Darcies factory.

  16. 2:53 부터..
    초딩때 막 백퍼센트오바이트카레라이스 이렇게 개사해서 부르고 그랬는데 첨엔 허밍으로 따라하다 나도모르게 오바이트 부르고있네 ㅋㅋㅋ

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