#반려동물과의 #여행 준비

Hoodie I bought for xmas was perfect for winter walks So cute when he walks 🙂 🙂 🙂 Seol’s asleep under my cloth “Are you sleeping Seol” Still not here yet Enjoying morning sun and sleepiness So proud of Seol, staying healthy throughout this year How kittenish is her.. 🙂 Let’s do many things together next year 🙂 When I call her- Always runs to me 🙂 “You hungry..?” She talks a lot when hungry “Want this..?” “Come here~” Seol eats on the toy kitchen Dad’s busy prepping for sudden biz trip/family travel Thankfully, found accommodations in Jeju where accept us On the terms that we pay for any harms done by our pets, if any. We will show them how pet-family can be cleaner than most of the guests
Seol really likes Sowoon’s left over meals Guess we all wish what’s forbidden ?! Most of the dogs hate it when others approach their meals even though they’re done with it Woon willingly shares with Seol, watches out for her What were you two in past life… Definitely some chasing were involved 🙂 Human big sis teaches them sense of beats Came out to see me off Came to meet the most known person I know for drones. She’s actress Rina Seo, aka ‘Drone Goddess’ and teaching me basics of drones Plus she gave me a mini drone which she modeled for! Very safe to use=easy to practice Sounds complicated.. can I do it? I believe I can..!! A restaurant with awesome view in Kwanghwamun area Love these “Hanok style” view these days Food is Western fusion though (Fine dining) Dinner with actress Hyun-ju, Kong and her spouse.. lovely couple Dad’s home, “children” runs to me Soseol Sowoon And so… and it’s my daughter 🙂 Gave Soba and Somyeon bath So they smell good & welcomed to strangers throughout our trip 🙂 Started to pack at night before the trip Sowoon is already in his carrier, not coming out Was Seol jealous? I think so Kids fell asleep while watching mom and dad packing Finally, morning of the day we leave for Jeju island ! We should carry all of these for the trip It was just a carrier, and a backpack when only humans travelled, phew~ Now we’re headed to the airport How our trip will go..?? our hearts were pounding 🙂 Will be continued to next video… Happy new year everyone..!!!

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  1. 급하게 나가서 꼬질꼬질했는데, 영상안에 잘 녹여서 예쁘게 담아주셔서 감사해요 ??

    저도 유튜브 시작했으니 구경오세요 ?


  2. 우와 여행기 정말 기대됩니다. 그나저마 소운이는 어쩜 저렇게 순둥순둥한지… 이뻐죽겠어요, 아주.

  3. Happy New Year!!! Your animals just get cuter and cuter with each new video!! They are so blessed to live with you and your family, you take excellent care of them and they are so loved by you. I wish all animals had such a great life.

  4. My heart just melts everytime I see Woon and Seol. It's cuteness overload!!! I hope you and your family have a great time and Happy New Year??

  5. Have a wonderful New Year ahead to such a lovely 'Pet loving' family..!! And, a happy journey Cutiesss, Seol❤️ and Woon❤️ with such loving Dad, Mom, Sister and the two elders??

  6. 안들어올수가 없는 썸네일이에요…
    그리고 기지개피는 설이 넘 귀여워요 ㅋㅋㅋ
    아프지말고 건강하게 잘 자라기를 ?

  7. So much loves & happiness in the house with cat & dogs as family..enjoy your holiday & happy wonderful new year 2020 ahead ?????

  8. I too cannot help wonder what Soseol and Sowoon were in their past lives because they look unbelievably coy and cute together! Also the esteemed actress in the video was so great s hotelier in the drama The Hotel King. Loved her gravity there! Wishing the wonderful and sweet family a great trip and a Happy New Year ahead ??

  9. Oh m goodness i love the little hoodie!! They get along like a dream! I love your videos and music! HAPPY NEW YEAR AND GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!

  10. I hope you guys having a lot of fun! Happy new year! Send my big love for Soseol, Sowoon, Soba and Somyeon ????

  11. I hope it's not too late to wish you @kish-log and family Merry Christmas and Happy New year. Also to all your subscribers and viewers.

  12. Will be so happy to see your next video adventure on your trip with all of you. I will join you as if there. Happy New Year ??!!!

  13. Have a safe trip and great holiday
    I really luv your lovely family ??
    I discovered your channel maybe a week ago and I'm in luv with everything,, BTW I luv soul she growed so well??

  14. 미쳐 소운이 빨간옷입고 아장아장 귀엽고 소설이는 시크한데 애교 찰찰 많이 컸네요 귀요미들~~ 콜도 대답도 잘하는 우리 소설이~ 제주도 여행은 이미 다녀오셨고 편집 너무 늦지않게 해주셔서 빨리 올려주세용! 2주에 한 번 너무 길어요~

  15. Your doing a great job with the them, teaching them and exposing them to travel at young age is a great idea, once they get older it's almost impossible to acclimate them to riding in a car because cats especially get scared , most dogs I've had though live riding in a car and looking out the windows.

    Yes, before long it will be spring and still planning on coming to Korea, although my wife wants to go to Australia so we have to make a definite decision soon to get the visa process started for her, either way we will get to both places in 2020 I'm hoping. I just want someplace that's cool for awhile and want to experience spring again , it's always hot here year round.

    Happy New Year to you and your family!!!

  16. 소설이가 자다가 부르는 소리에 깨는 모습이 사람 같아요 ㅠㅠ 아 진짜 고양이털 알러지만 없어도 고양이 잔뜩 키울텐데…이렇게나마 만족을 하네용 ㅎㅎ

  17. 소설이는 아빠 냄새를 좋아하나봐요~ㅎㅎ
    근데 큰 아가들도 비행기로 잘 다니나요 전 화물로 보낸단 얘기 듣고 포기했었거든요 제일 애정하는 제주+냥멍이 영상 기대할게요 새해 복 많이 받으세요~

  18. 알 수 없는 유튜브 알고리즘에 이끌려 우연히 키쉬님의 영상을 접하게 됐었는데 그때 처음 본 영상이 소설이를 처음 만난 내용이었어요 그 후로 구독하고 영상 올라올 때 마다 챙겨서 보고 있습니다 키쉬님 영상이 뭔가 새로운 힐링 수단이 된것같습니다:)
    특히 소설이 소운이는 정말… 최고….
    앞으로도 좋은 영상들 부탁드릴게요~ 응원합니다

  19. 소운이랑소설이보면 저도모르게 미소가지어지네용 : ) 힐링영상이에용!ㅠ 업뎃되면 챙겨보는 1인 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  20. I love ❤️ your channel! You have a sweet adorable and beautiful family and I appreciate you sharing your beautiful life! Take care! Happy New Year ?

  21. Blimey……that was a awesome clip…..I’m loving them angels so much…..Happy Christmas to you all & blessed new year for 2020 with seeing them again ???

  22. Sosoel is so cute and adorable she is so cute when she is asleep and very cute when she is asking to be feed.???❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️??????

  23. 중간에 캣폴? 캣태워 정보좀 알수 있을까요 ?? 너어무 이뻐요ㅠ 애기들도 너무 이브고..작고 소중하네요ㅠ

  24. You have the most adorable children. Looking forward to the next part of the adventure! Enjoy your trip and happy new year to you all!

  25. found this vlog interesting, new subscriber here, i love watching cats & dogs video , Seol is so cute kitten , mine is a big dog that's why he feels mad every time i leave home, he can't go with me

  26. I’m enjoying your videos so much. The music, your family they are all so beautiful. Thank you so very much. Please keep them coming ?

  27. Sowoon dotes on Seol so much❤️❤️❤️ Also, the restaurant is aesthetic goals.☺️
    Btw when are we going to see Soba, Somyeon, Sowoon and Seol together again??? I wait eagerly to see the babies???
    I hope your trip went well 🙂
    Best wishes???

  28. 정말 사랑과 애정이 눈에 보입니다~~^^.
    채널 시청은 얼마 안 되었지만 새해에도 이쁜이들과 행복 가득하시는 날만 되시길?

  29. 설이가 참 많이 컸어요. 우리아가이름도 사실 설이에요. 이설~
    소설이와 미모도=같아욤~ㅎㅎ
    따님의 미소는 항상 백만불이상입니다. 참으로 예뻐요. ?
    즐거운 여행다녀오시구요. 멋진추억 영상에 담아 올려주세요. :)?

  30. 고양이 보러 들어왔다가 뜻밖의 아름다운 영상들 덕분에 눈호강 하고 갑니다
    구독 할만한 알찬 채널을 알게되서 무척 반갑네요:)

  31. Happy New year to you all and specially the most cutest friends on the planet, Soseol and Swoon babies.
    Loads of love from all the way from London xxx ??❤️??❤️

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