굴러들어온 dog이 박힌 dog 뺀다더니 옛말 틀린게 하나 없네요 ㅣ Looking For These Puppies’ Family

Snack!!! Snack!!! Snack!!!
The sound you hear is the one Henlo to look for a doggo in Jeju Island. Two. I got you rascals! “The morning begins like this” Our house.. has incredible doggos. 6 doggos including their mom. She’s the mom 5 sibling’s mom, Hong-gil As you see the doggo.. Crybaby, the King of crybaby She is Jjuguri(means a gentle soul) She’s always suffered.. :'( Apeun Songalag(means the one who needs more concern) He’s Ma Dong-Seok
(same name of a muscular actor in Korea) bam U kno why..? Luxury charm, Lamborghxxx Then, the main thing is… They’re not our puppies PD : Ah…rlly? Sigh… donno. they’re rolled stones.. The site to remove the embedded stone So-maek(means Soju & beer),
the dog originally from this house (So-maek is..) joyfully entangled So-maek dislikes going out since they come. PD : Oh..cuz keep being bothered..? Yeah… So-maek is getting entangled. Take it easy. Phew..stressful A ball? Playing ball is the best for relieving stress♥ SO FUN SO MUCH FUN Get away. Move! Far far away to go… Throw it again. Yeah~ it’s mine~ Plunderers in pairs I wanna go back again.. Tired… heading to home in the end… (Throw.) (A ball w/ full of grief) Throw it Throw Finally blowed off steam.. Nope.. U didn’t blow off steam yet. PD : Staying at home like this? Yeah..being at home just like this. keep… You ball.. U r the only one I need Put the embedded stone back to home Rustle rustle Welcome to the PARTY with the rolled stone These fellas… What r they gonna do. dang tangled. tangled. Mom, I’m tangled. (ominous of sign) Do not come. A bad feeling is always rite..Lol Tangled(w/ mom). tangled. Ahh!! Pls.. (Laugh of reaching Moksha) What the hec is that! U fella, this U got dang tangled up this It’s my fault. I shouldn’t hav let this leave.. forgot abt it… If I hav a sin… oahhHHH!
a sin to forget And a sin to hav only one body, not two… While sweeping up, AFTER PAR.TY. You!!! If…if… Make me cray. plz. Rlly hate!! Whatever 😛 (tongue out) I’ll be on my way Go! Go! If daddy has a wish… “Could u plz let me take a rest? guys?” These rascals! Where they come from..? >:0 A grandma lived in front of my house, when moving, she just let go of the leash, and left. Thereby, Hong-gil left alone so he had to bring her And also helped her safe delivery cuz she was pregnant.. Couldn’t let her go. Hong-gil was already abandoned once by hooman. She’s abandoned, but still trust hoomans That’s why she gave a birth at my home I guess… As the store customers who heard abt their story Hoomans gave all to them. chipped in and gave snacks to them and daddy let them eat a yummy meal, they’ve well grown up so far Daddy who takes out a camera as a last present for them..? My main job is a photographer, so try to announce adoption, and (if adopted) give a present for framing the picture taken today to.. W/ a full of their loveliness to a new guardian, to these doggos Just wish to keep happy memories u guys are.. cut out for modeling..?♥ She’s precious to me. Very kind and meek. Jjuguri, jjuguri. Just an outsider who doesn’t hang out w/ guys If u wanna lose weight w/ a strenuous workout consider of adopting this doggo. He’s a so-called ‘crybaby’ but really likes hooman Our Dong-seok, the only man among 5 siblings escape is.. too heavy to climb over the wall for him don’t worry abt running away. Will you be a new family of our lovely 5 siblings? Hehe Will be loved wherever they go Wish they meet a warm and good family Our babies don’t hurt you. They’re just adorablet~♥

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  1. 시바견 좀 섞인 것 같은데 시바견도 한창 인기더니 인기따라 샵에서 구매하고 키우다가 이 핑계 저 핑계로 귀찮으니까 여건 안된다며 가족 중에 시골 사는 사람 집에 무턱대고 보내버리고 그 사람은 대충 떠안겨지니 책임감 들기나 하겠냐고. 애들 막 길러지거나 버리라고 갖다주는 셈. 결국 지들 귀찮거나 새로운 거 기르고 샆어서 지들 재미로 사는 무뇌충들이 함부로 생명 들이고 다른데에 보내는거 결국 지들이 먼저 애들 버린거임. 귀엽다는 단순한 이유로 원하는 종 상품 고르듯 골라서 잠깐 재미보려고 사오는 인간들 ㅈㄴ 한심.

  2. 막상 입양보낸다고 했을 때 코끝 빨개진거 보니깐 진짜 애정으로 키우신거같네요 그 맘 잘알죠 집안형편이 그리 좋은 편이 아니라 새끼를 배서 새끼를 낳으면 항상 입양을 보내는데 2~3개월 까지는 저희가 키우거든요 입양 보낼때 그 맘을 누구보다 잘 알죠

  3. 아구 따뜻한사연 주인분감사합니다
    자유로운집들에 입양됐으면ᆢㅠ

    불탄강아지2탄 기다리고있눈1인~~~

  4. 애프터파티 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ사고치는데 넘나 귀엽구 난리이이👊🏻지구뿌셔👊🏻

  5. 나이 먹어서 그런가.. 이젠 그냥 애들 버려졌다는 얘기만 들어도 가슴이 먹먹하고 눈물 나오려고 하네

  6. Fingercross 🤞🏻to these doggies, that they meet some one awesome and a loving heart as the guys who currently taking care of these doggies who was abandoned by it previous owner…
    Doggies Hwaithing, I hope you all be adopted soon 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶

  7. 소맥이 말아진다니;;ㅋㅋㅋ
    정말 싫어래 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    홍길이와 강아지들 거둬주신 분 복 받으세요~!👍강아지들 좋은 곳으로 입양가길!

  8. 근데 솔찍히 제작진이랑 피디 욕하는건 아닌데 사고치는건 조금이라도 말려주면 안되나?ㅠ
    저번에 초코케이크 먹는것도 안말리던데ㅠ

  9. 이분 보는데 막맹이랑 막맹주니어까지 맡게 된 홍끼작가님 생각나서 서로 소개시켜주고 싶다는 생각까지 들었음…..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅌㅌㅌㅌㅋㅌ

  10. Lovely episode.. Bless this guy for adopting all. Poor Mama.. Left behind just like that. Its so commonly done.. What made me smile was the ball of grief😅😅. May pups go to loving homes. Wanna thank this gentleman with a big❤️.. 🐾🐾🐾

  11. Son preciosos.
    Porfavor asegurate q van a una familia q los quiera y los cuide como merecen..
    No se los des al primero q venga..
    Un animalito es una responsabilidad muy grande..necesitan cuidados ..tiempo para ellos..tambien sienten sufren y aman incluso mas q nosotros..
    Son adorables❤🐶❤
    Gracias por ayudarlos…
    Un super💋grande…

  12. Adorable lovely 😘😘😘🤩😜😜🐾🐾🤐🤐🐕🐕💋💋🦌🦝🦒🦉🐿🥰🥰🥰🐼🐧🐆🐆🐒😍🙏🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭

  13. i hope he find a good heart person to really adopted this beautiful dog……thank you for taking care with them

  14. Please investigate and visit from them time to time to make sure they are not going to dog eaters or dog farms. Thanks for taking care of them. 👍👍🙏🙇‍♀️

  15. 안녕하세요. 임보자 입니다.
    주인안할래요 ㅠㅠ
    많은 관심과 사랑 감사합니다.
    생각보다 방송 잘 뽑아주신 동물농장 제작진과
    약빤 저세상 편집해주신 유튜브 편집자님 정말 감사드립니다.

    아 그리고! 할머니 욕하시는 분들 많은데 ‘저희 할머니에요.’ 농담입니다. 진짜 농담이에요. 저희 할머니는 경기도 파주에 살아요. 아무튼! 시골에서만 오래 사셔서 개에 대한 인식이 그냥 잔반 처리나 손님알림 용으로 생각하시는 분들이 아직도 이 세상에는 많아요. 물론 버리고 가신게 잘한일은 아니지만 일면식 없는 할머니께 너무 심한 말씀을 하는것같아 염려의 말씀드려요.

    사료지원 및 입양문의 정말 환영합니다. 근데 입양문의를 좀 더 많이 엄청 환영합니다. musiqjk 로 dm 주세요.
    (이틈을 타 인스타 팔로워 늘리려는 기회주의자)
    그럼 모두 새해 복 많이 받으시고 입양해주세요❤️

  16. 애들도 애들이지만 아빠가 정말 너무 좋으시네요. 존경합니다. 진짜 복받으실거에요. 감사합니다.

  17. ㅠㅠ 임신한 개를 줄 풀어주고 버리고 가다니 진짜 인간이 할짓인가요..정말 귀한 일 하셨어요. 스트레스 받는 보더콜리한테는 미안하지만..엄마와 아가들 품어주셔서 감사해요!! 강아지들이 부디 좋은 가정 만나길 저도 기도합니다♡

  18. Only if i can adopt them. I really love dogs totally a fool for them. In our hometown we need to buy a puppy for 500-1000 rupees if u want them

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