【Cat cafe Japan】How to get along with a long-hair breed cats.~猫カフェの長毛ネコと仲良くなってみた

Cat Tsuyoshi Channel Japanese Cat Cafe Coorikuya Enoshima Kanagawa. How to get along with a long-hair breed cats.Cats name is Shirasu. Point1 ➡I greet you in a high and small voice. Point2 ➡I’m going to make it the same height as the cats. Point3➡I treat cats as their top priorities. Point4➡When the cat comes, I’ll gently rub cats. The cats is relaxed with its eyes closed. It’s a cute cry. Long-haired cats have a shy image, but when they get along, they are very sweet. Cats is purring.I’m very happy!!! When the cats comes, please rub cats gently!

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