❤️ 5 most awesome and unusual pets ever ?

hi there awesome animals here it is not easy to surprise anyone by your pet nowadays a lot of people keep raccoons ferrets wild cats reptiles etc but sometimes rather extraordinary animals might live in people's dwellings these are five unusual domestic animals let's go the Demetrius family live in the apartment together with Puma called Messi once they bought the animal at the zoo the couple says that Messi differs from the usual cat only by her size and diet Puma eats daily about 1.5 kg the feeling even has got its own playing corner with ladders ropes and a real tree which Puma uses for sharpening her claws also she has a hot secret shelter the owners of Messi walked their pet twice a day the passers-by either avoid close contact with the animal or eager to make a selfie with her the big cat is not aggressive at all she has never attacked anyone in her life you might pet her without any danger Messi has become an Instagram star she has got more than 350,000 subscribers there since the animal had bad health issues in her childhood she would surely not survive in the wild nature the proper place for Puma is to live in a family as a beloved pet the only trouble for Messi is to share the house with the Sphinx cat and tries to dominate all the time The Australian's Teresa and Tony Matthews have always loved animals one day a man arrived at their apartment with the badly injured Joey asking for help they sheltered the young kangaroo and called him Bobby since then the Matthews house has become a real sanctuary for suffered kangaroos the animals live just in the house the couple tries to cure feed them and then release them into the wild supporting with the saved animals is not an easy task for Teresa and Tony they got used to each of the pets and consider them their kids but surely Matthews realized that kangaroos are to live in their natural habitat the family is intending to move to a bigger plot of land to have an opportunity to adopt more injured and ill animals it's not so easy to keep such a mount of kangaroos at home counting their age and financial expenditures but the Matthews family is glad to help the nature one Indonesian family hosts a huge crocodile at three metres long crocodile weighs about 200 kg 20 years ago Muhammad Irvin had to buy the 10 centimetres reptile to save him from the kids cruelty the man called him Cod Jack the crocodile has been furious since childhood and sometimes even beat his owner lately he was successfully tamed carjacked loves to communicate with people as our Vaughn says her Vaughn's children have never been afraid of this fearsome reptile lived in a swimming pool in the backyard he was fed with fresh fish and the owners clean his teeth and skin with a special brush unfortunately lately the crocodile was moved into the Safari Park because the Indonesian prohibits keeping such animals at home the family often visits the Safari Park to see their beloved pet Melony Butera the vet took a skinny and weak fawn to her house in summer of 2004 she called the little deer dilly dilly has recovered pretty soon and now she lives as a member of the family she has got a superb care she likes to sleep in the owners bed and also the deer has a separate room with a huge bed and a lot of toys Tilly adores sweeties walking in the street and the branches with leaves the fun even learned how to switch on and off the light the animal can use the swimming pool as well the Melanie's husband Steve fancies Dilli greatly the fawn heats the owners feet lying at the bottom of the bed Melanie saved ILI's life and the fawn is trying to make her life better Justin and Samantha Powell have got an unusual exotic but at the same time cute pet it's not a monkey or a lemur as you might think this pretty pet is called kinkajou the kinkajou is a rainforest an animal of the family Pro Scion a day and is known as a honey bear he is native to Central and South America little Stella is very funny and adores climbing the owners clock she uses every possibility to climb up by the way her tongue is incredibly long she is marvellous isn't she make sure to LIKE this video and subscribe to our channel for more on your favorite animal stories see you

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  1. My friend found a baby squirrel and raised it to be super friendly. He would even climb up onto a random strangers leg

  2. In my opinion people should just let animals(like lions, kangaroo, and tigers) Be in the wild and be themselves no hate

  3. Number to where I can make a connection to because there's literally a deer she comes to my house every week and every time I see her she tries to run on the deck and most of the time I'm on the deck when I watch her PS Her name is Maya

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