✔ Minecraft: How to make a Rabbit Pen

How to make a rabbit pen Today I will show you how to make three different rabbit pens. They range from very small to pretty big. The smallest has the most realistic dimensions, but it looks very cramped. I’ll put in the rabbits at the end of the video. The rabbits are able to climb the ladder. This last one looks a lot like the previous, but it has some new features. Realistic but cramped! Two floors and a lot less cramped. Two floors, access to the pen and an outdoor area! Subscribe to be the first to see my new videos about: Popcorn Machines, Wheelchairs, Playgrounds, Kitchen tools ,Vending Machine, Hotdog stands, Microwave ovens, Garden ideas, Killer Machines, Secret passages, Instruments, Office stuff, Tents, Vehicles and Room gates +Huge amounts of other ideas and inspiration! Click the chest!

100 thoughts on “✔ Minecraft: How to make a Rabbit Pen

  1. You should build a big house with all the great ideas you have and make a tutorial and a tour throught your house. Then people could download it.

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  3. 2
    9. i made onother on one of your videos..by the way, rabits are here.;d
    wonder why he dose this?: ;d (why does he use it???!!!)

  4. I was unable to collect the chest at the end of the video I clicked the video link and it took me to your Channel not the video

  5. Any word on if this works with the newer rabbits? Desperately looking for a proper way to handle them now

  6. I thought it said "Today I'll show you how to make three different rabbit penis" at 0:22 and I was like Wtf…

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