✍️ [Bujo] Animal Crossing Bullet Journal Setup for #ACNH

printables from dodoairlines.com let’s start! as you can see, i have already drafted it XD this is the information page 🙂 i’m going to choose northern hemisphere. How about you? this is how i’m going to use this page i will draw my villager display picture this is the island map i will be choosing this is the page i record the villagers living on my island this is the page that i’ll record the villagers i want to invite to stay on my island XD #goals guess! XD my drawing sucks im sorry LOL i’m going to record the things i’ve donated for my museum here this is where i will note down my ideas for my island development XD Shopping list page! monthly progress will be recorded here since march is the start, i dedicated a larger space as dec is the last month, i dedicated a larger space too! that’s all! i will add more once i start ACNH 🙂

One thought on “✍️ [Bujo] Animal Crossing Bullet Journal Setup for #ACNH

  1. this is the cutest idea ever! i really want to try to start a bullet journal now! i especially love the little examples you added in

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