✅ How To Use Rachael Ray Nutrish Dog Food Review

hi everyone so I'm here to talk about my Rachael Ray nutrish super premium food for dogs this is the real chicken and veggies recipe we have two dogs one is more active than the other so the most active one gets a cup in three quarters in the morning and a cup in three quarters at night our dog which is less active gets a cup in the morning in a cup of money there are different versions of this Rachael Ray food so there is a turkey variety out there there is also another one I believe it's bacon and brown rice it basically looks like this it's the same packaging except instead of green it will be a deep red so the packaging is a deep red so this will be deep red this will be deep red so the packaging is slightly different but it's still great Rachael Ray food this food does not contain any filler and that's really important because any type of cheap dog food that has a lot of filler material will leave a dog you know feeling rather hungry and they're really not getting the nutrition that they need and just to give everyone an understanding of the nutrition that your dog is going to get right here it shows you that this bag has real chicken in it brown rice peas and carrots the hope and chicken fat and there's a little description under each one that shows what it goes to support so this supports healthy organs in lean muscle mass and then the beet pulp supports to help support healthy digestion so you know very strategic ingredients for and that goes to make up this bag of dog food this dog food is the biggest one that they have so this one is a big 28 pound bag yep it's a big 28 pound bag but you can get smaller bags so the smallest is like six pounds in the medium is like 12 pounds 14 pounds and then it goes all the way up to like 20 pounds and then you get to like 26 28 so there are different size bags out there you can find this product online or in-store you know in case you're wondering like how much food you should you know pour out for your pet they do have a little guideline down here and depending on your dog's weight it will give you a recommended feeding amount as far as the actual food itself so the food we keep in you know a smaller container right here and we fill it up as needed and then there's the top of it right here and this is the actual food and then we have a measuring cup and we will fill it to the one cup line which is the one liter line well one quarter liter line on the other side and then that will serve for one of our dogs and we will usually spread it out on the wood floor and they will be from the wood floor if your dog is prone to eating food at a rapid rate it's highly recommended that you get a ball that forces the food to come out one at a time like one piece at a time or to spread the food out in a wide area so they're not rapidly trying to eat all the food in less than a minute and the reason why I want to stress that point is because eating food at a very rapid pace can cause something called gastric torsion and that is where the stomach twists and the food in the air is trapped inside the stomach and nothing can get out from both ends and in order to fix that you would actually need to have surgery down on your dog and it can be very expensive not to mention the time been recuperating from such a surgery and if you have a very old dog and they may not go through with that surgery because they the veterinarian may determine that due to the dogs age they don't have the strength to make it through the recovery process so that's just a little public service announcement you know you know saying that you know it's really important to make sure that they're eating at a reasonable rate that you know would be harmful to their health it's also important to mention that if you are thinking about switching foods you know you do so gradually and that it's best to kind of switch over if you're switching brands we were using another brand and I forget is that from the name of it but we switched over to the chicken version because they were eating a chicken version of dog food before we didn't just go from turkey to chicken so it's important to any dietary changes you make to make it a gradual switch because dogs stomachs are very sensitive and you want to be mindful of that other than that you know the back itself this is actually a very nice bag for recycling so actually right now is a bunch of recycling here so that's another use for the bag once there's no more dog food in it other than that I hope you enjoyed me talking about this dog food again thanks so much

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