धोखेबाज़ साँप | Keelback Water Snake | Non Venomous Snake in India | Discovery Plus

Look how cool
Be careful! Huh You know what a cobra looks like? Because, this is not a cobra! This is a ‘Water Keel-back’ I think she’s looking for shelter or a place to hide and it’s heading straight to my bag because they need a cozy place to hide
and that’s how snakes are I know the snake very well It’s unpredictable You can see it’s tame right now but the moment I touch it
It’ll go nuts Just crazy and mad There you go! Come on little snake I got you The first strike! The first strike! See! Look! The snake’s first instinct is to hide and it’s very aggressive It strikes! It strikes! It strikes quickly And once the snake is up, Look at it! It will start showing its its yellow scales It’s a very vibrant yellow It’s in that colour because because as nature shows colours like yellow are warning signs black green and red OK That colour means That colour means danger Until recently, I didn’t know that these types of snakes could kill How did they know? There were accidents in which
kids have been bitten by snakes
specifically a Keel-back and they die. That’s when they realised that their venom comes from the back of the mouth from a tooth in the back and they didn’t expect that This snake moves just like a cobra It crawls really slowly There! There!
You see how aggressive it gets If I don’t move the snake won’t see me as a threat But if I move, I pose as a threat to it But if I stand still, it won’t do anything Look how gorgeous it is Just look at this beautiful snake This is such a wonderful creature guys! You see how aggressive it is? I think it is mad right now He wants to bite
anything in its path Oh! She did She is biting me right now We saw how she behaved earlier
Right! and she is Ah! Come on! Come on!
Come On! Let it go! You saw that This snake bit me again If she gets to do it properly she will sink her teeth
really deep into my skin I can’t hear It’s where the venom came from And one of the reasons why we know there is venom, is because the blood is not clotting It’s really burning right now I don’t know what will happen and I’m really nervous right now OK I can keep my hands like this I think I can try but I’m hurting Let’s set the snake loose Have fun in the water.

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