चिड़िया + घोसला वालहैंगिंग | DIY Woolen Bird Nest WallHanging | Yarn Home Decor Craft

Hi guys! Today we are going to make a very colorful and beautiful decor for our home.. which will definitely brighten up your space. Hi, my name is Arushi and wlcome to AruDIY 🙂 On tuesday when we learnt how to make Coconut oil at home(link is in the description box) that time i asked you not to throw the coconut shell and jute because we are going to make an awesome craft using that and today we will make that we will make a nest using that shell and a bird using yarn. If you like this video then give a big thumbs up and do subscribe my channel by clicking the red Subscribe button below so..without wasting any more time.. lets watch the tutorial===>>For the nest we will take out the jute from a coconut we will break the coconut in half for breaking it like this first keep the coconut in freezer for around 1 hour after then on breaking it will break like this easily then using knife on the edges remave the meat portion we will start making nest with the shell now we will stick the jute over it i am using glue gun for this both inside and outside our nest is ready now! Now we will start making the bird we will take a 12cm height cardboard and take yarn threads i have taken two colours for the body of bird and two colours for the wings if you want to take single colour that would also look good now we will start wrapping yarn over this 12 cm cardboard i have wrapped it approx 45 times.then we will cut it from one side.. so that we get long threads like this. we will do the same with both the body yarns for wings i have used 2 colours so first colour i’ve wrapped 25 times rest 20 times ive wrapped with second colour no we will place the two body yarns in cross then we will fold it like this. with the help of an extra thread we will tie them like this tie the yarn on both the sides now for the wings tie the yarn from the centre no need to fold it .. we need this straight now we are taking a paper napkin we will crush it this is our bird’s belly now we will keep wing yarn in cross with the other yarn pair. then paper napkin beside it this is lower belly part pull the front part over the napkin now wings also to be pulled towars back side and tie all the yarns together on the back tie it tightly otherwise threads may come out then we will cut the excess threads from the tail now for the beak take any coloured paper and cut in a triangle shape we will make a cone like mehendi cone which willbe bird’s beak cut the length as per the requirement we will take 2 eyes and using fabric glue we will stick eyes and beak our bird is ready now!! For legs we will take a thin metal wire It is available in jewellery making materials shop we will make legs turning and twisting it i’ve made 2 legs like this we will insert these legs in the bottom of our bird it will look like this we will twist the legs a bit so that when it sits ovn the nest it appears like its holding it i’ve made 1 more bird like this we will stick these birds on the nest as iam going to hang it outside so ive stuck the birds using glue gun we will take a thin jute thread for making hanger ive taken a 55 inch long thread turned it 12 times we have got 12 strings due to turns loops have appeared we will tie a knot on a loop side now we put colorful beads at 8 inch we will tie 1 more knot on which we will put beads we will do it in all 3 strings we have taken 3 more beads we will take 2 threads from 1st and 2 from 3rd string we will insert beads in these 4 threads together like this and then we will tie a knot same thing with 2 threads of 2nd string and 2 of 3rd string same with 2 threads of 1st and 2 of 3rd string we will reapeat the steps again but this time we will just tie the knot we will take these 3 strings ang tie them in a knot together we will put beads in the strings hanging below to give them fuller look we will hang it somewhere and set the nest in the hanger and cut the excess I hope you liked this video do give big thumbs up and share it with yout friends on facebook I shall meet you soon with a new video till then bbye tc 🙂

100 thoughts on “चिड़िया + घोसला वालहैंगिंग | DIY Woolen Bird Nest WallHanging | Yarn Home Decor Craft

  1. l am Sandhya . nice video mam ye to pka try krugi I like you m aap ke sare video dekhti hu thanks aap ke video bhut nice hote h.

  2. nice video aru, bahot accha laga y video ??? , please summer room decoration bi share kariy n mene pahle bi request kiya tha ??

  3. love u so much ….you are so creative ….keep going like this …..one more room decoration videos please

  4. hi maim , I am ananya yadav wow beaaaaaaautiful Mujhe aapke Isse pehle ke video kam pasand aaye sorry maim bura nahi manna kyuki jab se aapne video jab se 3 din share kiye h tab se thoda level kam hua h but ye video very high level ka h????aap queen ho isliye crown k according video share kijiye?sorry maim

  5. hi arushi aapka step by step explanation bahot accha hai ise agar hamare school me bataungi tho hamari ladkiyan jaroor sikhenge panchi aur ghosla ekdam sundar hai

  6. Boht acha banaya aapne kya me meri beti k liye aisa bana paungi or last me dhage se banaya wo kahan milega hume

  7. वायर की मछली कैसे बनाते है ये भी बताये

  8. खूप छान दिसत होतात मला पक्षी बनवायचेआहेत. छान माहिती दिलीत. धन्यवाद शीला राज पाठक

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