قصص رعب : عيون القطط Horror stories: cat eyes SONG OF HORROR Episode

I always saw her watching me, I do not know
why I was and why she chose me but she was following me, it’s the eyes of cats, their
looks were always strange to me as if she wanted to tell me something, and she knew
that it was the inevitable fate Since I was young and those eyes on the streets
look at me in a strange way, I don’t know I am neither crazy nor mentally ill at all,
but something strange happens to me, I am not interested in horror stories nor things
beyond nature and these things never, I am a very very ordinary girl, I do not like Even
those matters and I do not like to interfere in them nor to interfere with what does not
concern me, I will not waste my time on these trivial matters, but I did not know that
these matters are the ones that choose their owners and we are not the ones who choose
them. � I didn�t know that, since I was a child,
I don�t like cats and I don�t hate them. I treat them as creatures that God created,
and we must provide them with food and water if I asked so that we don�t be held accountable. I was dealing with them in that principle. They are spirits created by God if they needed
food or drink and approached me. I presented it, but they always looked at
me in a strange way, I thought that they are normal and those are their looks, but I did
not care, and one day I was in my work in a store and an old lady entered and entered
one of the cats, and I decided to take it out and the cat stood looking at me in front
of the mirror a lot, I asked for permission from the woman and I apologized to the woman
She took the cat out and put some water away from it, The owner of the store does not get
angry, because I am just a worker, even though I have a bachelor�s degree in commerce,
but this is what I eventually found working in a clothing store, but it is a sophisticated
store in any case in a sophisticated place, and his salary is rewarding. Thank God, I asked her not to tell the owner
of a store about the cat�s order so that it doesn�t He gets angry, because I don�t
know how I got in. � She did not want after that, the old lady
came to me again, and she talked to me and attracted the parties to the conversation
and she was buying clothes every time, buying something different, and I was happy because
I was taking a percentage on sales and good information from the shop owner, and she was
refusing to deal with me only, until she said to me one day, I want to bequeath to you my
profession. I looked at her with astonishment. She inherited her profession. I do not understand. I told her, what do you mean? She said I am doing a washbasin for the dead,
and I feel that I want to teach you washing and shrouding the dead and one of the profession
inherits my daughter even if I die, I find someone who shrouds me legally, her words
were very strange to me and at the same time touched something in I do not know, but I
thank God is religious, and committed Why do not I know how to wash, shroud and help
the dead. � She agreed, but I asked her to be on Friday
because my work is every day, and I will not be able to leave it. She agreed, but she said to me, as long as
you do not tell anyone what you see, whatever it is, so you will reveal the secret of the
dead while they are in the hands of God. On Friday, I came with you and learned to
wash and shroud the dead, and two weeks passed and I was surprised by them on a Thursday. She called me two o’clock after midnight,
and she told me that there is a case for a woman who died, and we will be there in the
morning from eight o’clock, I agreed and I feel tense, I will not deny, because it is
the first time that I do that I didn’t tell anyone at home that they would refuse, but
something seemed Let me push me to do that, and her day in reality, I couldn’t sleep from
anxiety and I was asking myself whether I could, and thinking why that woman chose me,
I don’t understand …

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